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ITC Schools Team delivers two Flight Attending short courses in Napier

Posted on 12/07/2023 by

Our Napier Flight Attending short courses were a huge hit for students.

Napier and the entire surrounding region has had such a challenging year that ITC wanted to step in and help out the best way we know how – with top-tier education.

So many high school students have had their learning disrupted due to the flooding and ongoing clean-up, so we decided to offer two short courses on Flight Attending.

Michelle Newsome took the first short course, and Laura Orsbourn took the second. Both team members are relatively new to the Schools Team, but absolutely knocked it out of the park and did an incredible job in Napier.  

Michelle’s Short Course

Here’s what Michelle had to say about her group of students: “What a fab bunch of students on this course. I took a fair few photos. A wonderful energetic keen group, polite and just all the good things.”

And here’s just some of the stellar feedback we received about Michelle’s course!

“The tutor was so welcoming and passionate. The course was super interested and I am definitely interested in applying to be a Flight Attendant in the future.”

“Loved it so much and learnt a lot.”

“Great experience, so fun and interactive. Got all my questions answered and was able to get a better understanding of the industry.”

“It was a great experience, learnt a lot within these 2 days. An was nice getting out of my comfort zone without being forced.”

“It was a very good experience. I learnt a lot and this is a good career path that I might want to take in the future. The teacher was very kind an cheerful which made the experience really fun!”

“Michelle was an amazing tutor, and was very helpful in answering any queries surrounding flight attending. Her enthusiasm uplifted the course, and the activities (e.g. safety course) were fun and interactive.”

“This experience was great, I’d love to do another short course again and about the customer service side.”

Laura’s Short Course

Here’s a selection of some of the awesome feedback we received about Laura’s course.

“The tutor Laura did an amazing job at tutoring us and she was great.”

“It was really good. Thoroughly enjoyed. Laura’s teaching was very good and she didn’t make it boring.”

“Laura was great and an amazing tutor. Would definitely love to be taught by her again.”

Laura is amazing, she was really nice to us and made it a lot easier to understand.”

“It was really informative and I learned and was encouraged to become a flight attendant. I learn what I need to do to help me get the role of becoming a flight attendant.”

“It was very interesting and I got to learn a lot more about my dream job.”

Teaching with flexibility

The two flight attending short courses offered by ITC for Napier students just goes to show how flexible we can be with providing support and education to high schools around New Zealand.

Not only are we able to put together and provide these courses in a timely manner, they are incredibly popular with students. This style of education often inspires young learners about a potential career in travel and tourism, and helps them see what it takes to make the first step.

If you’re a schools coordinator and would like to know more about ITC’s high school course options, we’d love to hear from you.

Contact to find out more.

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