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ITC scholarships reward passion and determination

April 2012

Two high school students recently each received a $2500 scholarship towards their study at the International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC).

Sian Bruce and Brooke Kearins-Brown were both worthy recipients, says ITC’s Account Manager and Schools Liaison Ceri Jenkins.

“They both presented themselves in a very confident and professional manner, and their passion for and focus on their career choice was clearly evident for the panel to see.”

Applicants were asked to produce a brochure for a tourism activity for young people in Auckland. The brochures needed to have a clear focus on the product and the sales/marketing message.

The top applicants were then invited to a panel interview with Ceri and Campus Manager Kirsten Leith.

Brooke’s brochure was for a jet boating activity and Sian’s for haunted attraction ‘Spookers’.

“Both brochures were of a very high standard and would certainly not look out of place in a travel agency’s brochure rack,” says Ceri. “They had both thought very clearly about their intended audience and their use of colour and photos was superb. The information was relevant and presented clearly and concisely.”

Ceri first met Brooke during an ITC classroom presentation at Macleans College, followed by a lengthy discussion at the school’s careers evening later in the year. Brooke’s travel and tourism teacher, Julie McDougall, highly recommended Brooke and said that she was one of her star students.

“That helped us make the decision,” says Ceri. “Brooke’s passion and hard work came through in our contact with her, in how others spoke of her and in the fantastic brochure she produced.”

Sian had attended He Mataariki School for Teen Parents in Whangarei. She undertook ITC’s Distance Learning Tourism Course while she was completing her NCEA level 3 credits.

She then completed one of ITC’s week-long short courses during her school holidays, which further convinced her that a career in travel and tourism was where her future lay.

Education has become increasingly important to Sian as a young mother: “My son has played a huge part in my life and he has motivated me to ensure I have a successful career,” she says.

“Sian has shown such incredible motivation during her time at He Matariki and in her commitment to working towards a career in travel and tourism,” says Ceri.

“When I informed her school that she was applying for a scholarship, all of the staff was hugely supportive and the principal even offered to write a letter of support, as she said Sian was such an outstanding ambassador for their school.”

“I’m so excited,” says Sian, who says that she loved the work, the environment and the teaching staff during her short course. “I am determined to do anything and everything that will help me become the best I can be in the travel and tourism industry. I can’t wait to start!”

The International Travel College, which has campuses in Botany and central Auckland, has been a premium supplier of full-time and part-time training programmes for the airline, travel and tourism industries since 1996.