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ITC launches new webpage celebrating the rise of New Zealand tourism

Posted on 28/10/2020 by

ITC has launched a webpage to celebrate and follow the rise of New Zealand tourism.

This year, New Zealand became one of the first countries in the world to beat the virus not just once, but twice. As a result, Kiwis everywhere began to celebrate by doing what we do best – travel.

Thanks to being able to travel safely and enjoy our own backyard, New Zealanders have been busily making plans and exploring the country, seeing sights usually crowded with international visitors, and ticking off those local ‘must-dos’ at last. We also know that once borders reopen, New Zealand will be a hugely popular destination.

That’s why ITC has created a brand new webpage dedicated to following New Zealand’s tourism progress as it once again begins to rise. We will keep this page updated with new information as it is released.

New Zealanders on the move

A recent press release from Tourism New Zealand has highlighted just how many Kiwis are looking to travel in the upcoming year.

As much as 71% of New Zealanders are looking to take a holiday within the country within the next 12 months. This figure is up from 64% since May, when Tourism New Zealand last conducted research.

Tourism New Zealand chief executive Stephen England-Hall said that most Kiwis are looking for time away to rest and relax after a stressful year, and that Kiwis will help to keep the tourism industry going with their travels.

“When you travel outside your region you are participating in tourism, it’s not just about visiting an attraction. Attending an event, buying a coffee from the local café or booking a hotel, it all contributes to New Zealand’s visitor economy,” he explained.

The Department of Conservation (DOC) has already seen increased tourism from Kiwis, with foot traffic up by 50% at the Goldie Bush Scenic Reserve near Auckland, and 136% at Godley Head in Christchurch. Additionally, DOC spokesperson Alastair Johnstone has said that 55% more New Zealanders have booked Great Walks than last year, which more than makes up for the usual number of international visitors.

Tourism may not be what it was a year ago, but New Zealand is well placed to improve.

What’s next for tourism in New Zealand?

It’s a strange time for all industries all around the world, but New Zealand’s exceptional handling of the crisis has meant that we can indulge in an outlook a little rosier than most.

For now, we can thoroughly enjoy exploring our own backyard as New Zealanders look to domestic holidays instead of taking international trips. According to Tourism New Zealand, Kiwis would normally spend $9 billion per year on overseas travel – should everyone spend a similar amount on domestic tourism instead, it would be a great boon for the country.

In fact, Tourism New Zealand has already created a campaign video encouraging local tourism, and it has been viewed more than 16 million times.

There is also the possibility of travel bubbles opening with Australia or the islands. Tourism New Zealand has estimated that if there were to be a trans-Tasman bubble open by January 2021, Australian visitors would likely contribute $1 billion to our economy by September 2021.

New Zealand, and the tourism sector in particular, is filled with innovative, passionate people who are seeking new ways to create opportunities and rejuvenate travel. It may take a little time, but tourism will be back up and booming before we know it.

What’s important is that skilled staff are needed to keep the domestic tourism industry running in the meantime, and will be needed more than ever as soon as borders open again. Some tourism providers are already struggling to recruit skilled workers, which means that right now is the perfect time to begin study for a career in travel and tourism.

Travel and tourism courses at ITC

By signing up to begin in the 2021 intake, you will be setting yourself up to graduate at about the same time as the tourism industry really begins to get going and start hiring once again.  

ITC offers five fantastic qualifications for the travel, tourism, and airline industries, with courses ranging from just 20 weeks to two years in length.

If you’d like to find out more about our courses or where they might take you, don’t hesitate to get in touch online, give us a call on 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747), or email us at

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