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ITC inspires young people into tourism with epic short courses

Posted on 30/07/2019 by

Daniel, Sarah and Devin – the epic team teaching ITC short courses.

Did you know ITC teaches epic short courses to high school students throughout New Zealand? And that we also support tourism teachers and the wider tourism industry by supplying educational resources?

“ITC’s Tourism Education Team makes a significant impact on students, tourism teachers, STAR, Gateway & careers advisors nationwide,” says ITC’s Marketing Manager and Tourism Education Team Lead Mel Jenkins.

“We inspire young people and open their eyes to the exciting career opportunities in the tourism, travel and aviation industry.” 

Our short courses are an ideal way for young people to get a taste of the tourism industry while still at high school. 

Here’s a brief overview of what our short courses are all about:

  • Typically between two days and one week in length
  • Our tutors have a wealth of experience from working in the industry
  • Students gain credits to put towards NCEA Level 2 or Level 3
  • Often include site visits, guest speakers, and exciting activities
  • We motivate students so they leave with determination and drive to continue efforts in school
  • Currently offered in 17+ destinations throughout New Zealand

Meet the short course tutors

Daniel, Sarah, Mel and Devin are the A-team behind our short courses. They travel the country to teach, bringing a passion for tourism with them wherever they go.

Here’s what they each have to say about teaching.

Mel Jenkins

“I’ve truly seen a seed grow into a beautiful tree over the 7+ years of managing the Schools and Short Course product. Delivering these short courses still continues to be important so I can always keep up with what our students’ of today require and need from us as teachers.  I love my job and truly am inspired myself by seeing what impact you can personally have on a young person’s life – yes only in two days! I’ve grown this business to be nationwide and expanded my team. The team continues the high standard and consistency of delivery and that makes me immensely proud.” 

Daniel Maine

“No two days are the same in my role. My office views change every day and students learn what fun means whether on a jet boat, hotel visit, industry visit, EcoZip line or Auckland Bridge Climb. I’m often on an airplane travelling to amazing NZ destinations showcasing fantastic tourism jobs. What I love most is seeing students leave ITC with a smile feeling inspired and confident while earning extra credits and having an awesome experience about our wonderful industry.” 

Sarah Rouse

“These courses are designed to be delivered in a short period of time, so it’s important for me to relate to my students, captivate their attention, and deliver the passion and excitement of this fun industry I work in. I want to open their eyes and get them to use their imagination to see what possibilities there are in this industry, through sharing personal experiences and broadening their minds. It gives students a greater understanding of what opportunities are out there. These tasters always leave students wanting to come back for more.”

Devin Rawlinson

“These courses are an enjoyable, fun and educational way for students to sample college life. They get to hear some awesome industry stories, participate in amazing activities, share some laughs and make some everlasting memories.” 

What do the students say?

Our short course tutors love their job and have a brilliant time teaching – but what about the students? Turns out, they think our short courses are pretty epic, too! 

Here is what some of our recent students had to say about studying on a short course with ITC.

“The teacher Sarah was amazing – I love her. She’s a good teacher and helped me to understand the role. Now I want to become a Flight Attendant.”

“This was a great experience and has opened up more opportunities for me.”

“Daniel was a great tutor, he always made sure we stuck to the program. I loved visiting the Grand Millennium Hotel and the jet boat ride was awesome.”

“I loved the tutor, she was so cool – A for AWESOME!!!”

“I’m really glad I took this course, it really sold the idea of being a flight attendant to me.”

“Had a lot of fun and heaps to eat. Devin was gangsta!”

“It was the best experience ever!”

Learn more about our short courses

Whether you’re a teacher, a high school student, or just curious about learning more about airline, travel and tourism, please get in touch to learn more about our short courses. We’d love to hear from you!

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