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ITC Industry News Bulletin #77

Posted on 24/11/2016 by
In this week's airline, travel and tourism news, an intriguing new attraction has been discovered off the coast of Kaikoura, Airbnb launches a new feature, and much more.

In this week’s airline, travel and tourism news, an intriguing new attraction has been discovered off the coast of Kaikoura, Airbnb launches a new feature, and much more.



New Kaikoura attraction surfaces after quakes

Soon after the recent earthquake in Kaikoura, it became obvious that the town’s usually thriving tourism scene had been dealt a major blow. It hasn’t taken long, however, for the town to start bouncing back. 

Kaikoura Kayaks crew Matt Foy and Conner Stapley noticed a strange bubbling in Whaler’s Bay, and it looks set to become a new attraction for both visitors and scientists alike. The water bubbles cover a space of roughly 100 metres across the bay.

Stapley has already informally named the bubbles ‘Hope Springs’, which are believed to be a mix of hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide that are being released from the ocean seabed. More scientists will soon be on their way to further study the phenomenon.

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Airbnb expanding to offer tours and experiences

International accommodation megahit Airbnb has announced plans to add a new offering to its repertoire: tours and experiences. Called ‘Trips’, this section of the company will be launching in a number of cities around the world this year, and will be opening up for Queenstown travellers next year.

It will work in a similar way as the accommodation product, with everyday people offering up tours and experiences for visitors. When Brian Chesky, Airbnb co-founder, announced the expansion in Los Angeles this week, he said that the benefit would be a change from the usual tour experience, which can be crowded and impersonal.

“If you have a passion, an interest or a hobby you can share your community with others in the world,” he added.

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Air NZ’s newest safety video in the works 

Air New Zealand is famous for its engaging and enjoyable safety videos, and it has just announced its newest clip is currently filming. More than 150 cast and crew are said to be involved, and it will be shot in some of the country’s most recognisable locations. Read more

New Zealand tourism value hits $10.1 billion

International spend is up 7 per cent for the year ending September, bringing the total figure up to $10.1 billion. More than half of that was holiday spending, and the largest growth was from the Asian markets with Japan up 23 per cent. Read more 

Jetstar brings $40 million to local economies annually

New research shows that Jetstar’s contribution to the main centres it operates in could be worth roughly $40 million per year. The air travel provider offers cheap flights around the country, which could support as many as 600 new jobs. Read more

Tourism NZ Instagram racks up 500,000 followers

Tourism New Zealand has reached an important milestone on its photo-sharing media platform Instagram. It has recently reached 500,000 followers, a remarkable feat considering the account is only two years old. The group used photos contributed by visitors to reach their goal. Read more

October tourism numbers top charts again

More than 260,000 tourists arrived in New Zealand in October, brining the overall number for the year to 3.4 million. This was great news for tourism operators, especially considering it’s not usually a month of high visitor numbers. Read more

Mt Hutt voted New Zealand’s top ski resort

Mt Hutt has won the honour of being New Zealand’s top voted ski resort for the second time in the World Annual Ski Awards. The win was attributed to the field’s great facilities, friendly vibe, and excellent customer service. Read more

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