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ITC Industry News Bulletin #75

Posted on 10/11/2016 by
In this week's airline, travel and tourism news, New Zealand celebrates a record-breaking year in tourism (and has been named as the best country in the world).

In this week’s airline, travel and tourism news, New Zealand celebrates a record-breaking year in tourism (and has been named as the best country in the world).



New Zealand officially the best country in the world

New Zealand has come out on top as the best country to live in on the planet, according to research from a Legatum Institute think tank.

The decision was based on a range of factors, including health, social ties, governance, nature, education, freedom, security, and business opportunities. New Zealand still won first place (despite the fact that many countries are wealthier) – largely thanks to its ability to turn wealth into prosperity. 

New Zealand was followed by Norway in second place and Finland in third. Our Tasman neighbours Australia also made the top 10 at sixth place.

“Free markets, free people, and the world’s strongest society ensure that New Zealand takes the top spot in the Prosperity Index,” explained the institute.

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Tourism New Zealand celebrates record-breaking year 

It’s no secret that New Zealand’s tourism has been booming, but it has just been further confirmed with Tourism NZ’s annual report. The data shows that it has been a record-breaking year in a number of areas; international inbound tourists, total tourist expenditure, referrals to travel partners and industry, and visitors to digital media sites.

The 100 per cent Pure New Zealand campaign and partnerships have been named as top contributors to the success.

Tourism NZ Chief Executive Kevin Bowler was ecstatic about the news.

“Tourism New Zealand and the tourism industry as a whole is in a fantastic position and we are well on track to surpass the aspirational goal of $40.1 billion in total tourism revenue, set out in the industry’s Tourism 2025 growth framework,” he said.   

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New Zealand councils gear up for busy summer 

Councils around New Zealand are prepping for what may well be the country’s busiest tourist season on record. Areas such as Tekapo are installing new bathrooms, while other areas are considering whether they need more facilities to deal with the extra numbers. Read more

Golfing tourism on the rise

International golf tourism in New Zealand is adding an extra $329 million to the economy, a figure that has risen 18 per cent in the year to April 2016. This statistic is joined by a growth of 23 per cent in visitor numbers who are here specifically for the sport. Read more

Tourism projects receive funding

Prime Minister John Key has announced funding for new tourism projects. A suite of glass cabins around the country, and a new astronomy centre at Lake Tekapo will receive grants as part of the Tourism Growth Partnership. Read more

Potential for tourism tax to pay for facilities 

New Zealand may soon install a tourism tax to help cover the rising costs of accommodating so many visitors each year. Prime Minister John Key said this could be in the form of bed taxes, departure taxes or something else – but that “doing nothing” wasn’t a possibility. Read more

Card spending up in October

Credit and debit card spending rose 0.6 per cent in October – a figure largely attributed to tourism and supermarket shopping. The tourism sector is helping drive up demand in accommodation, restaurants, and takeaway stores, according to the report. Read more

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