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ITC Industry News Bulletin #48

Posted on 28/04/2016 by

This week, New Zealanders weigh in on the tourism industry and visitor numbers are up around the country.


Auckland New Zealand

What Kiwis think of their own tourism industry

More than 1,000 New Zealanders were recently asked about their opinions on the local tourism industry in two surveys conducted by Tourism New Zealand and the Tourism Industry Association (TIA). The research, titled ‘Mood of the Nation’, sought to understand Kiwis’ perceptions about the industry as visitor numbers soar to ever-increasing heights.

As it turns out, Kiwis are largely positive about the trend, but they have outlined a few concerns. These concerns stem from issues such as the potential for a negative environmental impact, road safety, and lack of accommodation.

Chris Roberts, chief executive for the TIA, explained the results by saying “every day, in every region of New Zealand, visitors are having a positive impact. And it’s great that Kiwis want to be welcoming hosts. Manaakitanga is what makes the New Zealand visitor experience unique”.

Manaakitanga is the Maori word for hospitality and kindness.


Airport arrivals

Almost 40,000 more visitors in one month

Visitors to New Zealand are continuing to increase according to the latest data on international holiday arrivals.

March this year saw an increase of just over 26 per cent compared to the same time last year, which equates to roughly 38,000 visitors – or more than 1,000 every day of the month. Considering March is the start of autumn and is a shoulder season month for New Zealand after the warmth of summer but before the winter attractions kick in, this is a positive figure for the country’s tourism industry.

Visitors are coming from all over the world, with nationals from the US, China, Germany and the UK all showing increases in numbers. Australia still holds the top spot for visitors to New Zealand, which also showed growth.

Read more


Rumours abound on Air NZ’s next big destination

Air New Zealand is reportedly in talks to open a new direct route to Chengdu in western China. Chengdu has a population almost equivalent to that of all of New Zealand, and a direct flight would cover 10,505 kilometres, which would be a flight slightly longer than that of Auckland-LA. Read more  
Queenstown runs tests for night flights

Despite its world-renowned facilities and increasing visitor numbers, Queenstown airport has never been able to land flights after dark. This week marks the testing period of a $1.65 million dollar lighting project that should see night flights arriving in this tourism hub in early July. Read more

New Zealand’s first whitewater park opens

Countless people have been involved in building the country’s first purpose-built whitewater park in Manukau, South Auckland, which finally opens this week. It has already been called “the best artificial course on the planet” and is set to be a training ground for Olympic events. Read more

Northland enjoys new popularity

Northland has been a big winner in New Zealand’s recent tourism boom. According to Statistics New Zealand, it’s seen 5,000 more visitor nights than the same time last year, which is a 5.8 per increase for the region. Read more

Water is the key to tourism growth

The Tourism Industry Association (TIA) has recently made a submission to the Ministry for the Environment’s fresh water consultation in which it outlines just how important fresh water is for tourism. The ITA claims that New Zealand’s water ecosystems are vital for supporting many of the country’s biggest attractions such as swimming, rafting, and jetboating. Read more  

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