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ITC Industry News Bulletin #11

Posted on 30/07/2015 by
This week the proposed 'Travel Tax' has been dominating the headlines. Read on for the TIA's latest statement on the topic.

This week the proposed ‘Travel Tax’ has been dominating the headlines. Read on for the TIA’s latest statement on the topic.



Tourism New Zealand collaborates with Facebook in new marketing campaign

“One couple, one campervan, one unforgettable road trip around New Zealand.” This is the tagline for a new social media campaign launched by Tourism New Zealand, in collaboration with Facebook.

Called ‘The Kombi Diaries’, this exciting new campaign is based around five short videos, filmed by a couple travelling New Zealand in – you guessed it – a Kombi van. These films are cute, clever and – most importantly – show off some of New Zealand’s most beautiful natural landscapes. Be sure to keep an eye out for them on social media!

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TIA: Tourism industry unites to oppose Travel Tax

Several businesses from the airline, travel and tourism industries have formed a coalition to challenge the introduction of a new ‘travel tax’. Spearheaded by the Tourism Industry Association (TIA), the Coalition Against Travel Tax (CATT) has made a formal submission to policymakers, in the hope of generating more discussion about the issue and delaying the implementation of the tax until at least 2017.

“Substantive analysis still needs to be undertaken into the justification of the tax, what costs are to be recovered and what the potential impacts may be. The introduction of the Travel Tax must be delayed until 1 January 2017 to allow this to take place,” said TIA chief executive Chris Roberts.

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Interview: Kevin Bowler, CEO Tourism New Zealand

Curious about what it takes to lead a company like Tourism New Zealand? This interview with CEO Kevin Bowler is a must-read for anyone looking to learn more about the organisation’s important work. Read more.

SmartGate improvements on the horizon

The government has invested in more SmartGates (e-Passport scanners), Customs Minister Nicky Wagner announced late last week (23 July). “Nine new generation SmartGates, which deliver a faster process, will be installed this year. The remaining 20 SmartGates will be installed over the next 18 to 24 months,” Nicky said. Read more.

Visiting driver safety training for travel sellers

Tourism New Zealand has developed a training module for car and campervan rental companies. “The module is targeted at those who sell travel to others,” says Tourism New Zealand CEO Kevin Bowler. “It’s about trying to ensure that people who drive when they visit New Zealand have a safe, enjoyable and accident-free holiday.” Read more.

Major boost for Rotorua tourism

The development of a new $13 million tourism and entertainment hub will boost tourism in Rotorua. Called Lynfield Junction, the new facility is expected to attract visitors from further afield and be popular among tourists visiting the region. Read more.

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