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ITC Industry Expo brings students face-to-face with top tourism businesses

Posted on 08/09/2015 by

ITC students Faustina Tevaga (far left) and Patricia Tosoga (far right) with Emma Holly and Chrissie Urlich from Air New Zealand.

Students at the International Travel College (ITC) recently had the amazing opportunity to meet representatives from some of New Zealand’s leading tourism businesses.

The annual ITC Industry Expo was held on August 27 and attended by Air New Zealand, Auckland Bridge Climb and Bungy, AVSEC, Nomads Backpackers, Maritime Museum, Intercity and ATEED. Representatives from each of these successful companies took time out of their busy schedules to share their experiences with ITC students, creating a unique chance for the students to learn directly from the very best in the industry.

Event organiser and ITC Account Manager Ceri Jenkins said this day arms students with the information they need to have a successful career in airline, travel or tourism, including CV tips, interview advice and more.

“The annual ITC Industry Expo is the best opportunity for our students to hear first-hand from some of the industry’s most influential businesses across a variety of different sectors, from adventure tourism to aviation,” Ceri said.

“The messages regarding CVs, online applications, cover letters and interview techniques from all employers is fairly similar, so once the students have heard a similar message 7 times in one day, invariably it begins to sink in!”

The highlight for many students is learning about the speaker’s personal and professional journeys to success.

“This day enables students to hear the speaker’s own story about how they have progressed from an entry level position to where they are now,” says Ceri.

“This often inspires students to keep their dream job idea at the forefront of their minds, and to realise that to attain their dream role they just have to get a foot in the door and then work hard.”

Level 4 student Alex Murti attended the Expo and was particularly impressed with the level of detail each presenter went into about their chosen career.

“The Expo was a great opportunity to gather all the information in regards to your career pathway. Presenters provided excellent information, posters, brochures and explained their roles and what they’re looking for in employees. It was a great day,” Alex said.

The ITC Industry Expo is a regular event. Held once every year, the day aligns with ITC’s commitment to providing students with practical, ‘real-world’ training.

“The Expo is one of many opportunities ITC students have to learn directly from employers in the tourism industry throughout their studies,” says ITC Marketing Director Claire Huxley.

“We aim to provide students this chance as often as possible, through Famil trips, work experience placements, volunteering and more. The positive impact this has on the students and on their studies is visible every day at the college – they come to learn not because they have to, but because they want to be a part of this exciting, rewarding industry.”

“On behalf of ITC I would like to thank all of our industry partners for attending the Expo and sharing your experience with our students. Thank you to Air New Zealand, Auckland Bridge Climb and Bungy, AVSEC, Nomads Backpackers, Maritime Museum, Intercity and ATEED – your attendance on the day inspires our students to follow their career dreams,” Claire adds.

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