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ITC enrolment season off to a positive start

Posted on 20/01/2021 by

Three students recently enrolled at ITC after finishing a high school short course with tutor Sarah.

It’s the start of a new year, but it’s undoubtedly a new year unlike any other. With so much upheaval, it’s been hard to tell if students are even thinking about their study options. 

ITC is off to a positive start this year, meeting our future 2021 students. Recently we had the pleasure to meet three students who have signed up at once following a summer short course at their high school.

How a short course encouraged three students to sign up

Every year, ITC works with high schools around the country, offering short courses to students who show an interest in the travel, tourism, and aviation industries. This is a fantastic chance for students to learn NCEA credits at levels 2 and 3, but also to dip their toes into an exciting potential future career.

Recently, ITC tutor Sarah Rouse ran a short course at Edgewater College in Auckland. There, she found students who loved the industry and everything it entailed, even to the point where they wanted to get out and bungy off the Harbour Bridge, and jump off the Sky Tower.

As the short course came to a close, several students decided that they didn’t want just one more adventure – they wanted an education, and an entire career, in travel and tourism.

Tutor Sarah’s passion for the job was a major factor behind the students’ interest in enrolling with ITC. The students explicitly stated that they were looking to sign up due to Sarah’s teaching, and we couldn’t be more proud of Sarah or happy for these three students on the precipice of starting a year with us, and of beginning a career in our favourite industry. 

What the students had to say

At the end of every short course, we ask students for their feedback about the course, the tutor, and their experiences. Here’s what they had to say!

“On my three day course of travel, I very much enjoyed interacting with new and different people. They were all so nice and easy to vibe with. It was also amazing to learn about their interesting background and the history behind it! My tutor (Sarah) was really good to us as she was really nice and helpful. She helped us when we needed it and also gave us these fun activities for us to get to know each other a bit more. Which actually made it so much easier for us to get along with her and feel a lot more comfortable with the people around us.

On my two day course of tourism, this course was definitely a win for me as I got to experience myself jumping off the sky tower for the first time! This experience was one of the best as I never thought I’d see myself doing this type of thing in life. The work was also easy too as Sarah was clear with her instructions and was really helpful to us once again. 

Doing both of these two courses combined was definitely worth it and it made me look forward to joining even more!” – Casey Mano’o

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do once I left High School, I didn’t have anything in mind. I did a travel short course at ITC and really enjoyed it. Sarah made it so much fun and was really informative. The way she explained it just made sense and I realised I wanted to experience more” – Sia Santaweesuk

“I did a three-day course with Sarah, met a lot of new people and took in an amazing experience. Meeting new people, seeing what travel has to offer was so good for me. Adventures, communicating with new people, laughs and actually something I love learning about. Sarah was our tutor, couldn’t have asked for someone better honestly. She made my experience so much better and actually deciding on something like this “amazing”. I’ve always loved the thought of tourism and Sarah actually made it a better experience. I also had the experience to jump off the sky tower, although I took 102,337 years, I did it in the end!

These courses were a real eye opener for me. Thank you” – Lii Sipa

These students were able to take a short course with ITC in order to get a taste of what we have to offer. However, we also host multiple open days for students to pay us a visit and discover if our 2021 course options would be a good fit for their career goals.

We are accepting enrolments right now, so get in touch to find our more and join the students signing up with ITC this year for a bright future in travel, tourism, and aviation! Don’t forget to bring a friend because when you recommend someone who enrols you can get a $300 Visa Prezzy Card!

Campus Study – 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or

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