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ITC collaborates with SIT on new tourism pathway

18 August 2016

The International Travel College of New Zealand and the Southern Institute of Technology have joined forces to offer students an exciting new tourism qualification.

Working together: The International Travel College of New Zealand and the Southern Institute of Technology recently launched a new tourism pathway.

The International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC) and the Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) have combined resources to offer an exciting new tourism and hospitality pathway.

Students who complete the New Zealand Diploma in Tourism and Travel Level 5 at ITC will now have the option to pathway to SIT’s Bachelor of Hotel Management.

After successfully completing each qualification, students will graduate with both a diploma and a degree, as well as experience living in Queenstown, the adventure tourism capital of the world.

“Students who choose to pathway to SIT will get an amazing introduction to the New Zealand tourism industry,” says ITC Managing Director Mr Kerry Priestley.

“They will spend their first year in Auckland, completing their diploma at ITC. They will then spend their second year in Queenstown. The third year is even more exciting; in the first semester, they will complete a tourism internship somewhere in New Zealand, before finishing their studies in Invercargill in the second semester.”

One year in Auckland, one year in Queenstown, a semester-long internship somewhere in New Zealand, topped off with a semester in Invercargill: this unique pathway will prepare students for work anywhere in the country.

“SIT sees the pathway with ITC as offering a fantastic opportunity for students to progress through their qualification at three different NZ locations, experiencing the unique tourism opportunities in each location,” says SIT Chief Executive Ms Penny Simmonds.

“Graduates will have a well-rounded understanding of the NZ tourism sector.”

Mr Priestley says the opportunity will likely appeal to high-performing students who are suited to university study.

“We want to make sure SIT get the best students,” he said.

The good news is, if someone decides they don’t want to pathway to SIT, they don’t walk out with nothing; they will still graduate with the Level 5 diploma from ITC.

“We hope this opportunity will appeal to students who are thinking about university study, but don’t wish to commit to three years straight away,” adds Mr Priestley.

“We imagine it will particularly appeal to Auckland-based students who are still living at home. Their parents can look after them during their first year of study, before they want to escape completely.”

An added bonus is that SIT is fee-free for domestic students; those who take advantage of this opportunity will receive a diploma and a degree for a fraction of the price people pay at other universities.

“And who wouldn’t want to spend a year in Queenstown?” says Mr Priestley.

“Whether you’re a summer or a winter person, you’ll love it.”