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Introducing Takeyuki Morita

Posted on 20/01/2015 by
In addition to being a Travel and Tourism tutor, Takeyuki also teaches a type of martial arts called Shorinji Kempo

In addition to being a Travel and Tourism tutor, Takeyuki also teaches a type of martial arts called Shorinji Kempo

Takeyuki Morita is a new Travel and Tourism tutor at ITC’s Botany Campus. He is covering for Sio Alatini while she is on maternity leave. Takeyuki tells us why he decided to move to New Zealand from his hometown of Okinawa, Japan.

I originate from Okinawa, the most southern part of Japan where the climate and culture are very different from the rest of Japan (It used to be a different country and is now well-known as “Hawaii in Japan” – yes the weather is hot and the beaches are beautiful!)

I graduated from Yokohama National University in Business Administration and worked as a manager in a restaurant which had fifty staff. Although I enjoyed the working environment my dream to live overseas pushed me to fly to Aotearoa! After travelling all over the country from Cape Reinga to Stewart Island I fell in love with the natural beauty and relaxed lifestyle of New Zealand and decided to become a Kiwi!

I have a wide variety of tourism industry experience including working as a cleaner in a small motel, a tour-guide for visitors in Auckland, a banquet supervisor in a luxury hotel, manager in a travel agent and backpackers whilst living in New Zealand. Other non-tourism related roles I have done are tutoring, cooking, building and a bit of acting for TV commercial and filming! After all my varied experience I find that the tourism roles are always very pleasurable – no matter what job you will take!

I have also been teaching martial arts named Shorinji Kempo for the past fifteen years both in Japan and New Zealand. This martial art has taught me (apart from how to kick people’s butt!) how to discipline yourself and to enjoy the self-development. I have also graduated Master’s in International Tourism Management last year.

It was a challenge for me as I finished my bachelor degree more than a decade ago in Japan where the education system is totally different from New Zealand. Fortunately, the philosophy I learned through the martial art, my life experiences, my wife and daughter helped to motivate me in a tough situation and to keep going. Finally I was awarded Best Achievement among the Master’s students in the tourism department at AUT!

I conducted my master’s thesis around the tourist behaviour with regards to making decisions concerning the visitation of attraction sites within a single destination in the Bay of Islands (Yeah it sounds complicated but the meaning is…why do some people visit many sites while some visit only one…it’s that simple!).

This study focused on heritage tourism and through the research I gained a lot of knowledge about the New Zealand history. Ten years ago I never imagined that I would graduate my master’s degree by studying New Zealand history! Since more and more international tourists are interested in cultural and heritage tourism of New Zealand, I think it is a good area to study and some ITC graduates may get into this field!

I recognise through my life which has had a lot of unexpected twists that experiencing and learning new things are always challenging but definitely enjoyable. Although the outcomes through the efforts are important, I recommend you to simply focus on the process of learning and enjoy the moment of knowing something new! Then you will get pleasure from all your efforts and it will automatically lead to good results.

What you are trying to achieve may not be easy for you now but please remember that you are trying to achieve something GREAT which leads to a GREAT FUTURE for YOU and YOUR FAMILY!

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