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Introducing Sharon Roy

Posted on 22/04/2015 by
Sharon Roy is the new friendly face at ITC Reception. Come and say hi!

Sharon Roy is the new friendly face at the ITC Reception Desk

Sharon Roy studied at ITC and is now working at the college as our new Student Services Adviser. Below she tells us a little bit about herself. 

Noa’ia e mauri, as you know I’m Sharon Roy your Student Services Adviser. I attended Epsom Girls High School where some of my favourite subjects were Geography and Travel and Tourism.

Although I loved sports I still loved the thrill and experience of travelling to new places and having long road trips.

I was just a chubby little being when I migrated to New Zealand from Fiji. My family went on a big vacation when I was younger, where we experienced Disney World, the Universal Studios in LA, the Golden Gates in San Francisco.

We also visited Vancouver, Canada where we had a beautiful white Christmas with egg nog and gobbled a lot of ginger bread houses. We then did a stopover in Seattle before flying to Oahu Hawaii which I loved!  From here we made our way back to Fiji then NZ.

Sharon & family enjoying a holiday in the snow

Sharon & family enjoying a holiday in the snow

The most memorable trip was to my homeland Rotuma last Christmas. It was emotional and an experience I’d never forget.

So long story short through this journey I had decided to join ITC and being a student here showed me a lot. With having international students to studying various places on the globe, even if I couldn’t fly there I felt like I was there through the knowledge we learnt and got taught.

I’ve learnt about new places and got to experience Famil which was the highlight. I loved white water rafting and got to do the swoosh which was awesome.

Sharon and her class on Famil Trip when she was a student at ITC

Sharon and her class on Famil Trip when she was a student at ITC

I loved ITC so much that I came back to work here! The environment and staff members are friendly and supportive and to come back to something that taught me more about travel and tourism was a bonus.

So through the 20 years of my life I have travelled a lot and done quite a bit on my bucket list. I’m still young and can’t wait for the many more years to come. From my experience I suggest that you grab any opportunity that comes at you to have the chance to experience it and live life to the fullest!

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