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Introducing Ronika Lal

Posted on 03/03/2015 by
Ronika Lal loves travelling and meeting new people

ITC’s new Academic Services Assistant Ronika Lal loves travelling and meeting new people. Here she is pictured in Glenorchy, Queenstown

Ronika is our new Academic Services Assistant. She joins ITC from a customer service and administration background. Below she tells us why she decided to pursue a career in travel and tourism.

I studied a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Auckland initially majoring in Accounting. However, in my second year I realised it just wasn’t for me. So I had a big think and ended up majoring in International Business and Management. It just was not worth committing money, time and effort into something I didn’t love.

My decision to major in International Business is due to my aspiration to travel in the future and I enjoyed it immensely. I gained so much knowledge about different cultures, customs and people around the world and how they affect the business environment.

Graduating with my degree in 2013 I started working full-time in customer service and administration for a transport service provider. That role has serve d as the basis of my career so far but after a while I wanted a change so when an opportunity to work for ITC came up I was very excited and was hired as the Academic Services Assistant.

The environment at ITC is fun and dynamic reflecting the travel and tourism industry well and I am excited to see how my journey at ITC unravels.

I was born in Fiji and moved to NZ at the age of 4 so I have grown up in NZ for the majority of my life. I have a huge aspiration to travel to Europe. I am obsessed with the culture, food, architecture and the fact you can literally catch a train to another country.

Like most New Zealanders, Ronika loves spending time at the beach

Ronika is pictured on one of the Gold Coast’s many beautiful beaches

However, in the mean time I have traveled across Fiji, New Zealand and Australia. I encourage everyone to go out and experience new cultures, food, languages and people. It definitely broadens your mind and you will have some amazing experiences to cherish.

That is my story so far but I am still very young and excited to see where life takes me.

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