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Introducing ITC Upskill4Free

Posted on 26/05/2020 by

We will be offering modules or even up to one course completely FREE of any student fees to anyone who can demonstrate their travel and tourism employment has recently been terminated due to the crisis.

The past few months have been a whirlwind for everybody in the world. We’ve witnessed firsthand the immediate impact of COVID-19 on our industry.

We can see the real problems this pandemic is causing to tourism in New Zealand, with many companies making some huge staff cuts and even closing their doors.

The current situation: Where we are now

It’s hard to not feel helpless and very sad about the situation, and to worry what the future holds.

We certainly can’t predict how the industry will look, when it will turn around, and what the future will bring.

This sense of ‘no control’ has certainly been challenging for everyone. But, what we can control is how we react to it and what we do!

Here at ITC, we want to help.

In a time of crisis, we feel it’s our duty to help our industry.

That’s why we’re looking at new initiatives. As we face this crisis with the rest of the industry, we want to utilise all the skills and experience that we have. We believe we can harness our experience to help all tourism workers facing an uncertain or bleak future.

These unfortunate circumstances present us with an opportunity to do things differently, by investing in the skills and qualifications of our people.

We are all looking for positives in the current situation, we believe this could be one of them in a small way.

Planning for a brighter future: Where we want to go 

We want to offer any employer or employee the opportunity to study with our online platform – via our sister company ITC Study from Home – one of our online NZQA-approved courses (from Level 3 to Level 5).

  • These courses can be completed on full-time or part-time hours, depending on how much time someone can dedicate to their studies.

  • All our courses are approved for student loans and allowances.

  • We have dedicated, online, experienced tutors who can help facilitate the students’ learning, with a host of additional online and personal support.

  • These courses have been hugely successful in helping students all over New Zealand achieve their study and career goals.

We know the effort and energy this takes, and have resourced the online learning platform with real human connection for students. We strive to tailor the students’ learning to their own life and challenges.

We are experienced in this field, distance learning isn’t new to us!

We will be offering modules or even up to one course completely FREE of any student fees to anyone who can demonstrate their travel and tourism employment has recently been terminated due to the crisis. You must have been employed in the industry for at least two years.

ITC will help assess which module or course – in our experience – would be the most suitable for the candidate.

Benefit to students

ITC has over 24 years of experience helping students into the workforce, here in New Zealand and overseas. We have dedicated years to develop our knowledge and expertise to share with our students to ensure that employment is always the end goal.

This huge resource is also available to our ITC Study from Home students, with dedicated employment consultants who are highly experienced in the industry and have a wealth of knowledge in careers advice, recruiting, employment skills and real-life skills. They are pretty amazing at what they do!

Together with the dedicated tutorial team, our employment consultants ensure our students the best chance of success at every opportunity. All we need is an open mind and dedication.

In our experience, students will benefit by gaining an immediate focus area in a time of stress and hardship. It will give them additional skills and qualifications in the coming weeks and months. Focus and study can give people a sense of routine, something all of us in these times of uncertainty and change can appreciate.

Benefit to employers

This will enable employers to introduce a small positive into what will otherwise be a very difficult conversation with departing employees.

ITC can also ensure that the future workforce has industry-led qualifications and is able and to react quickly to change.

ITC also offers a full recruitment service to all our industry. When you are looking for qualified and skilled staff, we can help recruit, select, and even screen for your needs. We do all of this for free for any industry employer.

Key details

  • Resource – ITC has the infrastructure and resource ready and waiting to help and support many students through its online platform.

  • Length of study – ITC online courses are 20-21 weeks full time, and 41-42 weeks part time, with the Diploma course being 48 weeks full time, 96 weeks part time. So, switching focus into people their developing skills and formal qualifications means that the industry will have a better bank of skills and a more qualified and sustainable workforce into the future. We can also offer part of our courses for even shorter periods of time, depending on what subjects you would like to be qualified in.

  • Transferable skills – ITC’s qualifications are built on many key skills being at centre of these qualifications and form the foundation for learning. These skills are highly sought after and will positively contribute to New Zealand’s workforce.

Find out more

Our team is ready and waiting to hear from you. Please contact for more information.

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