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Introducing Irena Wysoczanski

Posted on 13/09/2016 by
Meet Irena Wysoczanski - ITC's Academic Support Co-ordinator

Meet Irena Wysoczanski – ITC’s Academic Support Co-ordinator.

Irena Wysoczanski enjoyed a fantastic career at Air New Zealand, both as a flight attendant and trainer, before joining ITC earlier this year. 

My journey in tourism and travel began many years ago when I joined Air New Zealand as a Flight Attendant in 1974. I flew for 25 years, both with the International and Domestic airlines. I progressed through each ‘rank’ and enjoyed meeting customers in Economy, Business Class and First Class Cabins – they always had interesting stories to share about their lives and travels!

It was during that time that my interest in training developed. When I returned to the Domestic Airline I took an additional role as Team Leader (much like a Base Manager)  and that progressed into Training Manager for Air New Zealand National, and from there to Training Manager Air New Zealand Domestic, International & London Base.

I had many opportunities to develop newfound skills – writing new and updating old training programmes for new intake training, and various ‘upskilling’ courses for current crew. My role included regulatory as well as customer service, so my tasks were varied and I had many opportunities to travel to various educational conferences and conventions. I also delivered Level 2 & 3 Cabin Crew Management papers for Massey University when the degree was offered in Albany.

I had a fantastic career in the airline, so when my manager told me she was seeking approval to add a Travel & Tourism Course to our PTE – School of Engineering – I couldn’t wait to join her in setting up and delivering the programme. I could now share my experience, and motivate and encourage students to develop their skills to achieve their own dreams and career goals. Again, I tutored and wrote courses, and even had the opportunity to take on outside contracts such as Service IQ’s customer service programme, ‘KioOraMai’, and even found myself in Mauritius delivering a leadership programme for their airline’s Senior Flight Attendants!

Sadly for my wonderful team and students, the Airline’s strategic goals changed. Our PTE-School of Service was closed and I had reached another turning point. I’d lost the ‘buzz’ for working for an airline – students and colleagues had worked their ‘magic’ and I simply knew I had to stay in the PTE environment. I’m so fortunate to have been welcomed here to ITC – an incredibly dedicated and remarkable team of professionals.

Who would have thought that the 10-year-old girl who worked in her Polish immigrant family’s fish and chip shop could have such an amazing life? I did, I still do, and there’s nothing that should stop you too!

Very best wishes on your own amazing journey.

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3 Responses to “Introducing Irena Wysoczanski”

  1. Cynthia O'Toole says:

    Hi Irena,

    Your story is truly amazing and inspiring!!! Thank you for sharing your incredible journey!!! I am so glad that I had the opportunity to meet you!!
    I wish all the best for always!!

  2. Lesley Brough says:

    Wow, what a neat career! Thanks for sharing :)

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