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Introducing Amira Fathimath

Posted on 01/03/2016 by
Here's ITC's newest tutor Amira enjoying a 'tiny' sugar fix! This was taken right after her graduation, hence the cap.

Here’s ITC’s newest tutor Amira enjoying a ‘tiny’ sugar fix! This was taken right after her graduation, hence the cap.

Amira Fathimath recently joined the ITC team as a tutor! Below she tells us how she discovered her passion for travel and tourism.

Academia is my love and passion. It is the pursuit of education that brought me all the way from the Maldives to New Zealand – from paradise to ‘God’s Own’!

Everything to do with tourism, travel and hospitality excites me. It is a field that I fell into by accident.

Let me tell you the story of how I came to love travel and tourism…

It all started when my family bought a restaurant and the responsibility of managing it landed on me. I was thrown into the deep end so to speak. Soon enough, I realized that I needed to learn some more skills if I were to be a restaurant manager! So I went back to college, starting with a Certificate of Commercial Cookery to help me on the days the head chef at my restaurant decided to act like God (which was quite often!).

Whether it was my love for cooking or eating, I am not sure, but I received the President’s Award as the highest achiever in that cookery course. This course gave me the necessary skills and knowledge to takeover the management of the back of house in the restaurant. This made me think, hey, I want to be able to perform in front of house, too!

That desire saw me enrol in a Bachelor of Philosophy in Hospitality Management. When I passed my degree with Distinction, there was no turning back. I went straight into a Masters in Hospitality Management. Before I even graduated, I had already decided that I wanted to go onto the next level and do my PhD. This ambition brought me to New Zealand.

My wish to broaden my knowledge beyond hospitality motivated me to study tourism. My Masters Thesis in Tourism Management was a case study of the Maldives exploring whether local food can be used as a tool for marketing tourism. By the time I went on to do my doctorate, Auckland was my home.

Naturally, for my PhD thesis I used a case study of my new home, the ‘Supercity’, to find out the role that stakeholder collaboration plays in sustainable tourism competitiveness.

By falling accidentally into the field of hospitality and tourism, I also fell in love with it. I love learning, researching and most of all teaching. I am a qualified tertiary educator and have been teaching tourism for several years in New Zealand.

I still love cooking, culinary tourism, food events and eating out, be it at gourmet Michelin star restaurants or local bakeries, cafes and farmer’s markets. Enjoying different cuisines is a big part of my travels. I have travelled the world visiting many cities in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the US and the UK.

Travel, tourism, hospitality – I love it all!

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