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International Exchange Programs in 2022: Who’s been accepted this year?

Posted on 23/02/2022 by

Michelle Coutts is one of the ITC graduates who has been accepted for an international working holiday this year.

One of the very best parts about studying travel and tourism is the chance to head off overseas and explore the world, working, learning, and meeting new people the whole way.

That’s why ITC has partnered up with International Working Holidays and The Broadmoor to help get our students and graduates into roles overseas where they can gain invaluable experience.

Here’s a little more about the programs, what they mean for students, and who’s been accepted so far this year!

What are International Exchange Programs?

International Exchange Programs are designed to get those looking to work in the travel and tourism industries into roles overseas.

There is a huge range of the types of roles and opportunities available, and they’re based in countries all over the world.

Here are just some of the possibilities:

  • Disney operations, hospitality, food & beverage, merchandise
  • Canada ranch stays
  • Asia elephant projects
  • UK hospitality
  • USA resort work such as The Broadmoor
  • Australia wildlife volunteer positions
  • Namibia wildlife work
  • Camp America au pair work
  • China au pair work

To qualify, candidates must be over the age of 18, hold a New Zealand or Australian passport, and either be currently enrolled in full-time study or be a recent graduate from at least 12-months (two consecutive semesters) full-time study at a recognised tertiary level institute. 

Why are these programs great for students?

These jobs are highly sought after by young students and graduates looking to get into the industry from all over the world.

Primarily, these programs help people earn valuable experience, often in roles where they learn multiple skills at once. They walk away from their exchanges with more confidence in their abilities, and enough experience and knowledge to either come back to New Zealand and find work in the industry here (or continue their studies), or continue their adventure working overseas.

Additionally, these programs can help students decide where they want their career to go. Many students begin with ITC and know they want to work in the travel and tourism industry, but don’t know exactly what they would like to do as part of it. Exchange programs can give them a taste of the possibilities, and help them decide the right path for them to pursue.

And finally, international exchange programs are so popular simply because they are incredibly fun. As well as being useful for their careers, students get to explore new countries, discover new foods, cultures, and languages, and meet like-minded people from around the world. It’s a fantastic way to combine travel with work, and not one that you’ll regret.

How ITC makes it happen

The friendly team at ITC helps students to learn about and gain these roles every year.

We have two Employment Consultants dedicated to working with students and graduates to help them find work in the industry, which includes helping with applications to international working holidays.

They will make suggestions and recommendations for everything from CV creation and cover letter writing to the interview process, and will also provide letters of recommendation for the programs.

With our help and support, many of our students are accepted into these programs every year!

Who’s been accepted so far this year?

One of the applicants this year has been Michelle Coutts, who we interviewed back in 2019 about her time studying at ITC. We recently learned that she has been accepted to begin work at Camp Chipinaw this year, so we got in touch to ask how she was doing and see how her time at ITC had led to this awesome accomplishment.

“ITC helped me become more in tune with who I’m meant to be. I broke out of my shell and saw so many possibilities ahead of me,” she said.

“I am looking forward to this new adventure at Camp America, making memories to last a lifetime, and having an unforgettable summer with the counsellors and campers. I will for sure keep you guys in the loop.”

If you’re interested in applying for an international exchange program, or would like to get started with ITC with the goal of going on an exchange after your studies, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions at all.

Campus Study – 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or

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