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How to enrol at ITC

Posted on 24/11/2020 by

Looking to enrol at ITC? Here’s how to enrol and what happens when you do!

It’s that exciting time of year when we wrap up the year, and start looking forward to a new intake for our fantastic Courses at ITC.

For those of you considering enrolling at ITC, or looking to learn more about our courses, life at ITC, or your career options as an ITC graduate, this is everything you need to know about finding out more and enrolling at ITC.

Get in touch or book an info session

Whether you’re ready to enrol or just want to learn more, the first step is to book an info session.

You can do that by making a reservation on Calendly here for your chosen ITC campus, or simply call or email us.

We can answer many questions by phone or email, but an in-person info session is the best way to get a feel for the courses, the campus, and ITC as a whole.

Fill out an entry profile

When you book an info session, we send you an entry profile to learn a little more about you. You can either fill out an entry profile during your info session, or you can fill it out ahead of the session to save time. Click here to fill in the profile now.

An entry profile is a reasonably quick question and answer sheet that will let us know a little more about your current abilities.

It is not a test, and definitely not something to be nervous about! 

Attend an info session

From the moment you arrive at ITC for an info session, you’ll be in good hands. We’ll welcome you in person, chat about your interests in the industry, chat about our own experiences (all of our staff have worked in the industry, so we love to talk about the careers available and our favourite holidays!), and generally make sure you are well and truly welcomed.

And if you’d like, you’re more than welcome to bring along a parent or two.

Plus, our student services team will be on hand to help. These students have all been in your shoes, and know exactly what it’s like to have to decide which college to attend and which courses to take.

These info sessions take between 30 and 60 minutes depending on how much time you need, and during this time we’ll ask you to complete a quick questionnaire to ask you about your existing experience and NCEA achievement, and talk you through our courses and what you can expect from ITC.

We talk about our available courses, how long they are, and how many units each one is worth. We’ll give you a tour of the campus so you can take a look around and meet some of our wonderful staff and tutors, and we also talk about the day-to-day reality of studying at ITC.

For example, our level 3 and 4 courses are all highly hands-on and practical. There are no big exams to sit or major essays to write, but there are small classes with friendly tutors who take the time to get to know you personally and help you to succeed.

As for why students love the atmosphere at ITC, these are just a few of the most popular reasons!

  • We do not have a uniform (only a black and white smart casual dress code)
  • Many students have a four-day study week
  • There are countless job opportunities that follow an ITC qualification
  • We offer support to our students during their time with us, but also for years following graduation
  • Our famils offer real-world opportunities to enjoy New Zealand’s tourism and experiences

Note that we ask you to bring along a piece of ID (a birth certificate or passport) during your info session should you wish to sign up on the day!

What happens if I haven’t passed level 2?

To be eligible to enrol with ITC, we usually require level 2 in high school, as our courses cover levels 3, 4, and 5.

That said, we understand that for some students it has been an exceptionally trying year, and you might not have all the credits you need to pass level 2 at this stage.

If that’s the case, if you’re close to achieving level 2 and only need a few more credits, you may be able to study with ITC, so get in touch with our friendly team so we can ensure you are able to begin a level 3 qualification. Call or email us today.

Sign up to become a student at ITC

If you absolutely love everything about your info session and are ready to sign up, you can fill in the paperwork right then and there and officially enrol to become a student at ITC!

If you’d prefer a little more time to consider your options, you’re more than welcome to think it over and get back to us.

To sign up, we’ll need to see a piece of ID, and for you to fill out some basic paperwork including an invoice and a confirmation letter. We’ll let you know when you start, how long your course will last, and we’ll chat about the course fees.

For payment, many students will be eligible for the Fees Free initiative, or we can help you to sign up with StudyLink to access the government loan that will cover your costs.

Finally, we’ll give you a welcome pack, discuss the dress code and parking availability, and answer any final questions you might have.

Where can you go after ITC?

And if you’re wondering what happens next – that’s over to you!

Your course will finish with a graduation ceremony, and you’ll have full access to our talented Employment Consultants who can support you as you search for a role in the industry.

We love to see where our graduates end up, and communication doesn’t simply stop once you’ve found a role – you’re part of the family now!

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. We look forward to welcoming you!

Campus Study – 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or

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