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Guess who I saw when I was at the airport?

Posted on 16/02/2011 by

Late last year I travelled to Europe on Singapore Airlines. Menzies Aviation looks after the check-in for that airline at Auckland International Airport. When I arrived, they were training two ITC graduates, one from our City campus and one from our Botany campus.

Fouvale Iva completed my check-in without a hitch, and also did a great job at the boarding gate. It was great to see our ITC graduates in action!

She and her colleagues were flat out with the busy flight, so I only had the opportunity to say: “Doing a great job!” before I left them to their training.

Many new employees at Menzies have come from ITC, and we’ve had lots of positive feedback from them about how job-ready our graduates are from their very first day.

Because our training is really comprehensive, our graduates are ready to hit the ground running. Our Airport Training Centres, which simulate real-world airports, have given our students a real confidence that when they get a job they will already be familiar with the systems and processes they will be using. Watching Fouvale and her colleague at work showed me that it all pays off!

My trip to Europe was great, and I enjoyed catching up with family and friends. I even got to catch up with some friends from high school, whom I hadn’t seen since then.

The Singapore Airlines flight I was on for my return to New Zealand arrived just before midnight. I didn’t envy those people at customs and other parts of the airport that had to work at that time of the night. Luckily that’s the last flight, so hopefully they were able to go home afterwards and enjoy a good night’s sleep. I know I did!

Carla Sutton
Distance Learning Tutor


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