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Four amazing tutors celebrate 10 years at ITC

29 September 2015

Four ITC tutors celebrate 10 year anniversary

From left to right: Sandy Dudley, Kerry Priestley (MD), Inder Singh, John Armstrong and Andrew Thomas.

There has been plenty of cause for celebration at the International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC) as of late. Many cakes have been cut, cards signed, and even some heartfelt tears of happiness shed.

2015 will stand out as a year to be remembered, as it’s a year that four tutors reached an impressive milestone: a decade of teaching at ITC.

In order of ascension to the 10 year hall of fame, Andrew Thomas, Sandy Dudley, John Armstrong and Inder Singh have all celebrated this special anniversary over the past few months.

Each of these tutors have contributed an enormous amount of time, energy and commitment their students, colleagues and the college.

ITC’s Managing Director, Kerry Priestley, is grateful for their incredible loyalty and the unique skills they all bring to the tutorial team.

“Congratulations to Andrew, Sandy, John and Inder on their ten year milestone with ITC. It was a lucky day when you each came in for an interview, that’s for sure!” Kerry said.

“You’ve made a great contribution to the college, its culture and its students, and are treasured team players. Here’s to the next 10 years.”

As many teachers will know, once you get a taste for working in education it’s a passion that stays with you for life. Each of these tutors live and breathe this passion for inspiring their students to achieve great results.

“Andrew, Sandy, Inder and John have inspired, motivated and encouraged hundreds of students into the industry,” Kerry added.

“We’re so proud to have them on our team.”

ITC has celebrated many 10 year anniversaries in the past. So what makes the college such a great place to work?

According to Inder, ITC’s workplace culture plays a big part – he comes to work happy, and feels part of a team.

“It has been a great journey working at ITC. It’s a pleasure to work for a prestigious organisation,” Inder said.

“ITC makes me feel part of the family and I really enjoy the work ethics of the company. It’s also been a great learning experience so far, all while interacting with students and experienced team members.”

Here’s to many more 10 year work anniversary celebrations to come.