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Five tips for study success at ITC

Posted on 13/03/2018 by

ITC is like one big family, so make the most of the fun and friendly atmosphere while you study.

If you want to pass your tourism qualification with flying colours (and have plenty of fun along the way), this blog post is for you.

Here are five tips for study success from an ITC graduate. Print these out and stick them on your wall so they serve as a daily reminder to keep you on track.

1. Be yourself

When you come to class, your tutors and classmates want to get to know the “real you”. So be the person you are, don’t try to be someone else.

Don’t be nervous – ITC is like one big family. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you make friends.

2. Interact with your tutors and classmates

Make an effort to get to know your tutors and classmates. Tourism is a social industry, so it helps if you enjoy chatting to people.

Trying to think of a topic to chat about? Ask your tutors about their travel experiences. They could talk for hours about their favourite countries and memories – and you’ll learn so much about the world.

3. Get plenty of sleep

Study is a lot easier – and more fun – when you’ve had enough sleep. Make it a priority to get as much sleep as you can each evening. This might mean sacrificing television or turning your phone on flight mode.

Do whatever you can to get enough rest so that you come to class feeling refreshed and ready to learn.

4. Don’t party too much

Sitting in class feeling exhausted or hungover is some kind of torture! Do yourself a favour and keep the partying to a minimum throughout your studies, especially if you have class the next day.

5. Relax and don’t stress too much

You’re more likely to do well and enjoy your studies if you feel confident, relaxed, and positive. Of course, this isn’t always easy! But try not to stress – at ITC, you’re surrounded by a support network who can help you through stressful times.

Talk to your tutors, classmates, and student services advisers if you feel like it’s all getting too much. At ITC, you’re part of a team and everyone is here to support you.

Thinking about studying at ITC? There are still spaces in our March and April classes. Get in touch today to register your interest.

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