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Five tips for new tourism students

Posted on 08/05/2018 by

Are you a new tourism student? Here are some tips to help you succeed.

Are you a new tourism student at ITC? Here are five tips from ITC graduates to help you get the most out of your tourism qualification.

1. Don’t overthink it

It’s normal to feel a bit shy or nervous before you join a new classroom. But try not to overthink it – anticipation is often worse than reality.

“Go for it,” advises ITC graduate Sean Bagley, who is currently working at Disney World.

“Don’t back down because you’re afraid of change or you’re thinking too much about what could happen. Get out there and experience it.”

2. Practice makes perfect

No one is perfect at something the very first time. Success takes practice and perseverance, so keep going and don’t give up.

ITC offers ample opportunities for you to practice key skills before you go out into the tourism industry. For example, customer service role plays.

“Role plays were a massive help because they boosted my self-esteem when communicating with different types of customers,” says Delilah Fonoti, who works at AJ Hackett SkyJump/SkyWalk.

“Customer service is very important in my job and I use it every single day at work, so I’m glad that I was given the opportunity to practice while I had the chance.”

3. Ask plenty of questions

Not sure about something? Ask your tutors – they are extremely knowledgeable about travel and tourism and have a lot of life experience to help guide you through your studies.

“We have amazingly talented tutors within ITC,” says Amelia Fotu, a Passenger Assistant at Menzies Aviation.

“Not only did they help me through, but they also treated us students as priorities,” she adds.

4. Spend lots of time on your CV

Aside from your qualification, your CV is one of the most important pieces of paper in your career. Without a clear, concise, well-written CV, you will struggle to get the job interviews you want.

“Take career week very seriously and get yourself the best possible CV,” says Shalu Duss, who is working as a Customs Officer.

She adds: “Don’t doubt yourself. Confidence and preparation goes a long way in securing a great career.”

5. Remember the basics

Sometimes, success is about the simple things – like turning up to class on time and making the most of opportunities as they arise.

“Be punctual and never miss a class,” says Benjamin Strickland, a Food and Beverage Attendant at Disney World.

“Excuses will never benefit you either. Take as many notes as you can and always take advantage of every opportunity placed in front of you.”

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