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Five reasons to volunteer for unpaid work experience

Posted on 17/07/2018 by

Volunteering for work experience is a great opportunity to meet employers in the travel and tourism industry.

If you dream of working in the airline, travel or tourism industry, a great way to kickstart your career is to volunteer for unpaid work experience.

Unpaid work experience might not pay in cash, but you will reap plenty of other rewards in exchange for just a few days (or hours!) of your time.

Here are five reasons to give unpaid work experience a try.

1. Work experience looks great on your CV

Want to make a great first impression with potential employers? Work experience will make your CV stand out for all the right reasons. It suggests to employers that you’re motivated, enthusiastic, reliable, hard working, and proactive. And it will give you plenty to talk about when you get invited for an interview ;)

2. You’ll gain confidence and new skills

Work experience takes you out of your comfort zone — and that’s where the magic happens. You’ll meet new people, learn new skills, test out what you’ve been learning in the classroom, and walk away with a huge confidence boost. You can’t put a price on that!

3. It’s a great opportunity to ‘test-drive’ your dream job

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of working at an airport or for a tour guide company, but you want to be 100 per cent sure before you apply for full-time work? Work experience is a chance to ‘try before you buy’ and get a glimpse into what the job is really like.

4. You’ll meet industry employers

Think of work experience as a networking opportunity. You’ll meet potential employers and other people working in the industry. You never know, they might be the one to interview you for a full-time job when you’ve finished studying. Or, if you make a great impression, they might even provide a glowing reference.

5. Work experience is fun and rewarding

A career in airline, travel or tourism is full of fun — and work experience is no different. Depending on where you volunteer, you’ll probably meet tourists from all around the world, work with a great team of like-minded people, and get a taste of the fun that awaits you out in the industry.

Keen to give work experience a try? Here are five ways to get travel & tourism experience while you study.

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