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Don’t they look smart?

Posted on 24/02/2015 by
ITC students look smart and ready for the workforce since the college introduced a corporate black and white dress code

ITC students look smart and ready for the workforce since the college introduced a corporate black and white dress code

By ITC Marketing Director Claire Huxley

This is a phrase an old Aunty, or maybe your parents say, when you dress up for a wedding, family dinner or a job interview. You probably cringe and go bright red! It’s just so embarrassing, why do people care what you look like?

Well, I am sure there are some clever scientists who will explain it better than I, but basically, people form impressions based on how you look. What you are wearing will help people form instant opinions on who you are, how trustworthy you are, your social status, and even how likely you are to be promoted.

In fact, studies have found that the clothes we wear shape others’ perceptions of our capability:

  • Teaching assistants who wear formal clothes are thought to be more intelligent – but less interesting – than their casually dressed peers.
  • Women who dress masculinely do better in job interviews.
  • Well-dressed customer service agents are more likely to score sales.

“The clothes we wear have power not only over others,” write authors Hajo Adam and Adam Galinsky, “but also over ourselves.”

So why on earth is this interesting to us at ITC? For years, we’ve spoken to our students about the importance of being well-dressed and making the right FIRST impression. When you are starting out in the industry this is key. When professionals from the airline, travel or tourism industries come into ITC they will make a judgement about you! So, like your old Aunty, we too want to be able to say, “Don’t ITC students look smart?”

This year we have introduced the new dress code for all students at both campuses (a bit hard to do with our Study From Home students!) and the results speak for themselves. The corporate black and white look is an inexpensive, versatile option for all students and can still be fashionable too. We are training for a whole industry, so a comfortable and flexible look is key.

ITC Botany Campus Manager Natasha Allen said the decision to introduce a corporate look was based on feedback from both students and industry professionals.

“The objective of a corporate look is to help students who are looking for work to have a suitable outfit for an interview at the drop of a hat. We want ITC students to always be prepared,” Natasha said.

As an ex senior Emirates employee, Natasha knows very well what is expected out in the industry.

“If you are applying for an airline role, you will have to set the bar even higher. Like it or not, they have incredibly high standards and personal presentation is the first thing they are looking for at interview,” she explained.

In fact, one UK airline recently trialled a low-cost, more casual uniform, but decided to go back to the formal look uniform for all it’s cabin crew and pilots. The reason? Passengers felt more at ease and able to identify clearly who was in charge, and they felt the airline was more trustworthy. Therefore, after an expensive exercise, they have now returned to a more classic uniform.

So, well done to all the new classes at both campuses for giving us the opportunity to say “Don’t they look smart?”, not just a few times a year, but every single day! And also to all the students who have been with us for sometime and are now looking very smart in their corporate look, thank you for taking this in your stride and also looking a million dollars. You will thank us one day!

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5 Responses to “Don’t they look smart?”

  1. sharon says:

    Hi – just a query at this stage. Do students have to wear a unform everyday?
    Many thanks

    • Jess O'Connor says:

      Hi Sharon, thanks for your query! Yes our students wear black and white every day. However they are free to purchase their own clothing. We provide them with a set of guidelines. I hope this answers your question? Kind regards, Jess

  2. ITC Red Nose Day fun raises over $230 for Cure Kids says:

    […] The ITC City Campus sold red noses at reception for a $3 donation, although some students generously donated more to this excellent cause. ITC also allowed students to wear mufti clothing for this day – a real treat as the college enforces a corporate black and white dress code. […]

  3. Nina says:

    Do students purchase their own blazers or does the school give it to them? If they have to purchase it where can we purchase it from?

    • Mel Fey says:

      Hi Nina,
      Thank you for your question. Any clothing worn on campus is to be purchased by the student. Study Link do provide course related costs which may help to purchase these. Many of our students only work part-time or have only a small income. They would go and buy these blazers from a second hand shop. They still look smart and are very low cost. A great investment for your future.

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