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Dance away Alert Level 3 with ITC! (Plus other Lockdown tips)

Posted on 19/08/2020 by

Get ready for the ITC Tik Tok Challenge!

To all our Auckland students, friends, and family – you’re doing an amazing job navigating another Level 3 Lockdown. 

Here at ITC, our Auckland students are doing online learning at home – and we’re still having plenty of fun. 

“ITC is famous for its fun, friendly campus culture, so we’re working hard to make sure that culture stays well and truly alive during lockdown,” says ITC Marketing Manager Mel Jenkins.

“Last lockdown, we had weekly themes to keep spirits high – like best dressed, best workspace, and even favourite memes. And this lockdown we’re excited to announce a brand new initiative.”

Introducing the ITC Tik Tok Challenge!

What better way to have fun at home than with a Tik Tok dance challenge?

We’re inviting you to dance away Level 3 with ITC – bust out your best dance moves to the song ‘Abdoul’ by Tika, upload the clip to Tik Tok, and use the tag #ITCNZ to share your moves with our community.

“This isn’t about being an amazing dancer – it’s about having some fun and boosting your mood,” says Mel.

“We’d love for you to join our challenge and cheer on others.”

Other tips for Level 3

Lockdown can be tough, but one advantage on our side is that we’ve done this before, says ITC CEO Claire Huxley.

She recommends writing a list of all the things you enjoyed about lockdown life the first time around – as a reminder that there are indeed some positives. 

Claire also suggests writing down the things you didn’t like so much – so you know what to try to avoid! And also things you learned, so you can look for opportunities to learn again.

“This way, you’re clear about what you loved, what you disliked, and how much you learned. This serves as a foundation to make a plan, which may help you feel more in control,” explains Claire.

“It’s all about focusing on the progress you’ve made, the mountains you’ve climbed before, and reminding your brain that you can do this again.”

All going well, Auckland will drop levels in the coming weeks, and life will once again go back to being in a classroom with your class.

In the meantime, ITC is right here with you – don’t forget to join us on Tik Tok for some fun, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to learn more about our wonderful campus culture.

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One Response to “Dance away Alert Level 3 with ITC! (Plus other Lockdown tips)”

  1. Lesley Brough says:

    Great advice! I look forward to seeing the Tik Tok’s! :)

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