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Check in for a high-flying career in aviation

Posted on 02/06/2021 by

Considering a career in aviation? Here’s your chance to get started!

With the travel and tourism industries looking up, we’re seeing increased demand from the industry for employees in the aviation sector – which is why we’re launching a 20-week aviation course.

The New Zealand Certificate in Tourism with a strand in Aviation Level 3 will be held at our Botany Campus, starting July 12.

Here’s why you should sign up!

The New Zealand Certificate in Tourism with a strand in Aviation Level 3

Anyone hoping to work in aviation will benefit from this course. You could ‘land’ an airport role, a job in customs, a position as a flight attendant, a place in the baggage department, or almost anything else.

This course covers:

  • Dangerous goods
  • Aviation security
  • Airport geography
  • Airline operations
  • Check-in procedures
  • International travel documentation
  • Flight attending
  • Baggage processing
  • ‘Ready to Check In’, an online check-in system used by many airlines

In just 20 weeks, you’ll earn a respected qualification that can set you up for countless roles within the industry.

Graduate in November – just in time for peak season!

With vaccines taking effect around the world, the tourism industry is extremely positive and hopeful for the future, especially for the end of the year when you will graduate.

Tens of thousands of Kiwis and Aussies booked flights as soon as the trans-Tasman bubble opened, Air New Zealand celebrated its busiest day since borders closed in April with almost 520 flights in a single day, and the airline has recently been awarded more international cargo flights.

Internationally, numerous countries are planning to open their borders to vaccinated travellers, including Spain, Greece, Germany, France, and Italy. In the US, the Transportation Security Administration is currently hiring more officers to meet the increased demand from travellers. They too recently had their busiest day since March 2020, with 1.86 million passengers passing through TSA screenings on May 23.

Overall, we’re seeing a lot of signs that the industry is picking up again and will need qualified workers to fill roles as the world once again opens up and travel once again takes off.

Take off with a career in the aviation industry

Working in the industry is exciting, challenging, and diverse. We recently spoke to two wonderful ITC graduates who are currently working in aviation to share their experiences, and how ITC helped to prepare them for their roles.

Clare Tatafu works for Jetstar, and was employed throughout the pandemic. She had this to share:

“It has always been a dream of mine to work for an airline, and working for Jetstar has been awesome. What I love about working for Jetstar is we don’t just sit behind the screen and check people in, Jetstar gives us the opportunity to up skill in our job from handling passengers at check-in counters to being a boarding agent at the gates, a service desk for Jetstar and operations control etc. It’s a fun job meeting new people every day but working for an airline you experience yourself in difficult situations sometimes, when you have to deal with unhappy/rude passengers.”

“ITC has definitely helped me big time in prepping me for what it’s like to work at the airport. All the role plays, presentations and activities that were done at ITC were a big benefit. I am happy that I have attended ITC because the course has definitely helped me gain knowledge, confidence and an awesome experience I would never forget.”

Gase Hala is another ITC graduate, who interviewed for a position at Menzies Aviation and was employed pretty much on the spot. Here’s what she shared with us:

“I’m currently working for Menzies Aviation at the international Airport as a Baggage Handler and also Ramp Agent. It is a great opportunity for me to work in the industry. It is so awesome working with all the aircraft coming from overseas, seeing and meeting new people and making friends with other people working in other companies like Air New Zealand and Swissport. Menzies Aviation are really nice people. They are lovely and help you to reach your goals.”

“ITC college Botany helped me a lot to finish my level 3 and 4 during my studies with them. They are lovely people and great staff. They help me with my CV, update me with work available in NZ and advise me what’s right for me, get me ready into where I am now. A special thanks to Nicky McCutcheon, she always updates me with all what’s happening and updates my CV, and giving me advice. She is a lovely lady I ever known.”

Enrol now to take flight in aviation

Ready to train for a career in an industry that is truly taking flight? Get in touch with us today to find out more about this course and enrol!

Campus Study – 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or

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