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Introducing Devin Rawlinson

Posted on 05/12/2017 by

[Left] Devin with Eva Longoria who he met while working at AJ Hackett Bungy! [Right] Devin at Niagra Falls.

Meet new ITC staff member Devin Rawlinson – a well-travelled Kiwi-Canadian with a love for adventure tourism. He recently joined the ITC team as a tutor at our City Campus. Below, he gives an insight into his background and how he got to be where he is today. 

Back in 1994, I was a little 12-year-old boy shaking with excitement and adrenaline after completing my first bungy jump. This was followed by jetboating, white water rafting, canyoning, abseiling, snowboarding, and the list goes on. The foundation of my tourism career had begun.


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ITC tutor delivers exclusive workshop in Okinawa, Japan

Posted on 28/11/2017 by

ITC tutor Takeyuki Morita delivers a workshop about sustainable tourism management to Japanese businesspeople in Okinawa.

Japanese businesspeople recently learned all about New Zealand’s thriving tourism industry at a workshop in Okinawa.

ITC tutor Takeyuki Morita delivered a workshop about sustainable tourism management while in Japan on an international marketing trip. Originally from Okinawa, Takeyuki took this opportunity to share his knowledge about New Zealand tourism with his home country.

Takeyuki was invited by the Okinawa Chamber of Commerce to deliver the workshop, which had the topic of ‘Cross-Cultural Communication in Business Management’.


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A day in the life of John Armstrong – ITC tutor

Posted on 17/10/2017 by

ITC Tutor John Armstrong shares his daily routine, including some tips for students about staying motivated.

Known for his friendly nature and great sense of humour, John has been a tutor at ITC for twelve years (and counting). He loves helping students discover the magic of a career in travel and tourism. 

Describe your typical day

I spend my day teaching, marking, prepping, researching, and updating myself. I also help with referrals for both new students and alumni students (graduates).

I teach Level 3 Tourism, Level 3 Aviation, Level 4 Travel, and I’ve recently taken on Foundation IATA, which is an external paper and recognised globally. I enjoy teaching IATA because it’s a new challenge, and I tell my students each time I teach it that we are embarking on a long journey together. We learn so much. IATA is changing as this is a fast and rapidly growing industry, it’s really exciting.


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Introducing Sarah Boyd

Posted on 29/08/2017 by

Meet Sarah Boyd, one of the newest tutors to join the ITC teaching family.

The International Travel College is delighted to welcome a new tutor to the team, Sarah Boyd. Below, Sarah shares her career highlights, including how she caught the travel bug and fell in love with teaching tourism. 

The best feeling in the world is that feeling you get in the pit of your tummy when a plane starts speeding down the runway, engines blasting, and the nose tips upwards and the wheels leave the tar.

I was five years old the first time I experienced this feeling, on a family trip to Malta. It was then that I knew I had been bitten by the travel bug.

Born in Newcastle (the North East of England), I travelled extensively to Europe on family vacations during my childhood, until we immigrated to South Africa when I was 10.

Growing up, all I ever wanted to do was travel. So I was delighted when I was offered a job selling vacations to exclusive members of RCI and Southern Sun holiday reservations, first in Africa, and then internationally. For eight years, I learned how to sell travel, deal with clients, and master technical booking systems. 


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Introducing ITC’s Employment Consultants

Posted on 04/07/2017 by

Sarndra and Cathy are dedicated to helping ITC students gain employment in the airline, travel and tourism industry.

The International Travel College (ITC) has been helping students find jobs in the airline, travel and tourism industry for over 21 years.

This year, ITC has taken this support to the next level by creating two new roles dedicated to helping more students find employment.

Introducing ITC’s Employment Consultants – longstanding and experienced ITC staff members and passionate tourism industry advocates Sarndra Stephens and Catherine Alder.

Both Sarndra and Cathy are dedicated to helping ITC students and graduates gain employment in the airline, travel and tourism workforce.


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An ITC love story: Mel & Ceri get engaged!

Posted on 27/06/2017 by

A sky-high proposal – Mel and Ceri get engaged at 192m above the ground!

Love is in the air at the International Travel College, with Account Manager Ceri Jenkins and Marketing & Schools Leader Mel Fey celebrating their engagement.

Ceri got down on one knee 192 metres above ground – he surprised Mel on top of the Sky Tower while they were doing the SkyWalk.

“I was super nervous about the height but more afraid of the ring not fitting. As you will see on the video, it took a little squeezing on – happy to say with the string now off it, it now fits perfectly!” says Ceri.

Little did Mel know, Ceri had been planning the surprise proposal for 9 months. He enlisted the help of the team at SkyWalk, who discreetly attached the engagement ring to his SkyWalk jumpsuit.


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A day in the life of Amy McPhail – ITC Tutor

Posted on 20/06/2017 by

One thing that ITC Tutor Amy McPhail does every day is walk her two beautiful dogs, Leia and Ivy.

Known for her impeccable organisational skills, bright smile and friendly personality, Amy is a Travel Tutor at ITC’s Botany Campus. She also helps with academic support, assisting the academic team with the writing and monitoring of assessments. Below she gives us a glimpse into her typical day at work.

Describe your typical day

I spend most of my day teaching and doing marking and lesson planning. I also help with academic support – updating lesson plans, making new resources, developing teaching content and monitoring assessments. 


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ITC Flight Attending Short Course takes off around New Zealand

Posted on 08/06/2017 by

ITC tutors teach Flight Attending in three locations at the same time. From left to right: Daniel in Nelson, Mel in Whangarei, and Ali in Taranaki.

The International Travel College (ITC) may be headquartered in Auckland and Whangarei – but its courses are inspiring high school students all around the country.

Every month, the ITC Tourism Education Team travels to different areas of New Zealand to teach a variety of short courses.

In May, the ITC Flight Attending Short Course was delivered in three regions at the same time – Taranaki, Nelson, and Whangarei.

Over the course of two days, ITC tutors Ali, Mel, and Daniel all taught the same course in different locations.

“That’s what we call efficiency!” laughs Mel, the Tourism Education Team leader.


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Lesley’s Travel Journal: Ho Chi Minh City, Taipei, Beijing, Seoul and Busan

Posted on 30/05/2017 by

ITC International Marketing Manager, Lesley Brough, recently visited the Great Wall of China during a business trip to Asia.

Every few months, ITC International Marketing Manager Lesley Brough travels overseas to meet with international students and agents. Her last trip was to Ho Chi Minh City, Taipei, Beijing, Seoul, and Busan. Below, she shares some highlights from the trip.

It was a bit of a whirlwind trip! I was away for two weeks so I didn’t have a lot of time in each city, but I did get to do a few cool things.

The purpose of the business trip was to attend workshops with Quality English/Education in Ho Chi Minh City and Taipei, as well as visit agents in China and Korea. The workshops were kind of like speed dating with agents and companies, to get to know each other and see if there’s potential to work together in the future.

Here’s a glimpse into what I got up to in each city.


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ITC tutors bring love of tourism to the classroom

Posted on 16/05/2017 by

ITC tutors LOVE tourism! ITC supports them to undertake formal teacher training so they can share this passion with students. 

Every tutor at the International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC) shares at least one trait in common: a love of tourism.

ITC employs tutors based on their passion for the industry – they are tourism professionals first, teachers second.

It’s their boundless enthusiasm for tourism that makes them so great in the classroom. Their passion for the subject is infectious, and this resonates with the students.


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