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Be inspired: ‘ITC gave me the confidence to pursue my goals’

Posted on 04/02/2020 by

Cheytarna Scott shares how studying at ITC gave her the confidence to pursue her dreams.

Welcome to ‘Be Inspired’. Every few months, we give you a ‘behind-the-scenes’ glimpse into the journey of an inspirational ITC student and share what it took for them to achieve their goals. Everyone climbs their own Everest, and these students hope to inspire others by sharing the truth of their journey to the summit.

Cheytarna Scott always knew she wanted to work in tourism. But, like many of us, she struggled to find the right time to begin.

There always seemed to be something else happening – something to distract her from her dreams.

Sometimes, the hardest thing in the world is to begin.

When she discovered ITC Study From Home – which allowed her to study flexibly and remotely – she knew the time was now.

Since making the decision to “just start”, she has gone from strength to strength, and is forever thankful to herself for taking the chance. 

Cheytarna recalls her first day at ITC with fondness.

“The day I started at ITC, I was eager and enthusiastic about learning about an industry that I’d been interested in for such a long time,” says Cheytarna.

“I was excited to say the least. I was finally getting to do something for myself. Just walking through the doors of ITC was a huge accomplishment for me, as I was always putting my dreams aside.”

From eager to confident

Eagerness is one thing – feeling confident in your abilities is another.

Thankfully, it didn’t take Cheytarna long to find her stride, and now she feels much more confident about pursuing her dream career.

“ITC gave me the confidence to pursue my goals further and also opened my eyes to how huge the tourism industry is and what opportunities are out there for me.”

Celebrating wins along the way

Cheytarna was a wonderful student and this was recognised by her tutors and the indusry.

She landed a role with Flight Centre straight after finishing her Level 3 qualification in Aviation, and she was also awarded Study From Home Student of the Year.

“This was a huge honour for me,” says Cheytarna.

She adds that studying wasn’t without its struggles.

“Of course I worked hard, but I worked hard for my late Nana as well, who supported me til her last breath with my study. I did this for myself, but I also did it for her.”

After completing Level 3, she went on to also complete Level 4, while still working at Flight Centre and also helping to care for her grandfather.

“If Study From Home ever offers a Level 5 option, I’ll be the first student there!” says Cheytarna.

“If that doesn’t show how much I love studying with ITC, I’m not sure what does.”

Are you inspired by Cheytarna’s story? Would you like to learn more about studying at ITC? Get in touch today to learn how we can help get your airline, travel and tourism career off to a flying start. 

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