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Are your career goals similar to those of our current Whangarei students?

Posted on 20/03/2024 by

Our fabulous Whangarei Campus students.

Every year, we ask our students a few questions about why they chose us, and where they’d like to work one day.

We recently checked in with our Whangarei students to learn more about their motivations – or ultimately, why they are here studying with us now!

For anyone considering applying to study at ITC, do these life goals look anything like yours?

Why did you choose to study with ITC?

The reasons for students studying with us specifically are diverse, so we’ve chosen some of our favourite answers to share.

“I chose ITC as my education provider because I liked the idea of working with an organisation that would be able to help me acquire skills and qualifications that I need to work in the travel & tourism industry.”

“I have chosen ITC because I saw the reviews online while I was searching on Google that it’s a great place to get to know about tourism and aviation industry if we want to get a job in that sector. I really want to get a job at an airport so thought to get to understand about the industry. So I chose ITC.”

“I did the ITC Academy earlier this year and I enjoyed it a lot, I also I’m in love with adventure tourism and flight attending.”

“I am passionate in tourism and travel, this was closely related to the jobs I wanted and the things I want to do with my life. And it’s a qualification for my future careers and I can travel and go on trips.”

“It was recommended to me by my career counsellor at WGHS (Whangarei Girls’ High School). I completed the Business of Tourism academy and really enjoyed it, so decided to become a full time student.”

“Because I didn’t have much of a career path but I did I short course here and found it interesting. I also like travelling.”

“I really wanted to get into the travel industry it’s always been a goal of mine just to travel and what better way to do it than this!”

“When I came here for a short course I was very impressed with how the teachers & how lovely people are welcoming me in & also they teach customer service.”

“ITC was recommended to me from past friends & sister who attended ITC.”

“I choose ITC as I know it’ll be the best for me and I’m sure it would educate me on many levels as to how I could complete my goals of being a Flight Attendant or getting to work within the NZ Airport.”

“They were very dedicated with helping me improve into a better industry and did not lack in any of their education standards.”

What are your goals once you graduate?

We love nothing more than hearing about students’ goals, then help making them happen. We often interview successful students who have landed dream jobs, or who have gone overseas on incredible exchanges for life-changing experiences.

From flight attending to working at Disney, we often see some fantastic goals from students. Here are just some of the best:

“To be able to work within the NZ Airport or as a Flight Attendant.”

“My goal is to work with AJ Hackett since I love to jump off of things like the bungy and Sky Tower. I would also love to work at Qantas I really love to travel.”

“My goal is to be able to acquire a job at the airport and gain knowledge before working towards becoming a flight attendant when I am of age to.”

“I would like to go to Disney and work in some ranchers.”

“Currently aiming for cabin crew as my goal.”

“My goal is to get prepared and upgrade my skills and to learn about the industry before getting a job which will be suitable. I really want to get a job as check in agent or anything to do with customer services.”

“The Disney job in America, and flight attendant. Cabin crew. Just travelling, and socialising with people all around the world. Maybe tour guide.”

“To find a job that will not only satisfy my hard work but also something that will be enjoyable but also be very rewarding.”

“To find a job somewhere else in the world that I enjoy. And to make new friends and start a new chapter.”

“I was thinking of being a flight attendant but since there is so many options I am not sure yet.”

“Hopefully an internship with Disney or a similar company overseas.”

Can ITC help you reach your goals?

As you can see, students come to study at ITC for all sorts of reasons – and with all sorts of goals!

Sometimes, students don’t have a clear goal in mind, which is also a great way to approach your studies. One part of our job is to show you all the amazing roles available within the industry, and prepare you to work in just about any of them. Many students only decide on their goals once they’ve heard what jobs are out there, so don’t stress if you don’t have a set goal in mind just yet.

That said, if you do have a goal already, we’d love to hear about it! Get in touch with our friendly team to learn how our courses could set you on the right path to attain your dream career.

Campus Study – 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or

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