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A day in the life of John Armstrong – ITC tutor

Posted on 17/10/2017 by

ITC Tutor John Armstrong shares his daily routine, including some tips for students about staying motivated.

Known for his friendly nature and great sense of humour, John has been a tutor at ITC for twelve years (and counting). He loves helping students discover the magic of a career in travel and tourism. 

Describe your typical day

I spend my day teaching, marking, prepping, researching, and updating myself. I also help with referrals for both new students and alumni students (graduates).

I teach Level 3 Tourism, Level 3 Aviation, Level 4 Travel, and I’ve recently taken on Foundation IATA, which is an external paper and recognised globally. I enjoy teaching IATA because it’s a new challenge, and I tell my students each time I teach it that we are embarking on a long journey together. We learn so much. IATA is changing as this is a fast and rapidly growing industry, it’s really exciting.

How do you stay organised?

I use weekly planners – and my iPad has my life in it! I’m experienced and passionate, and I love the students I teach, which helps me stay on track.

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

My passion is travel. I live and breathe it – and I’m lucky enough to continue my passion with ITC. I have taught here for more than 10 years, and it’s been wonderful. I work for a good company with great values and that’s important. I also love working with young people – something I appreciate more and more as the years go by and I gain experience. It’s magic when I hear a past student of mine is managing an operation in Narita airport or is a tour guide in Greece. It’s magic when I meet them at the check-in counter, or as a flight attendant. ITC students are everywhere now and that provides so much satisfaction.

How do you unwind after a busy day?

I have a small farm dog with the shortest wee legs, called Caesar. Caesar is very excited when I get home and will not let me rest until he is taken for a walk. He’s very cute and he works it!

Let’s finish with a few fun questions to help students get to know you better.

Favourite time of day: Early morning, taking the dog for a walk – or sometimes late evening. Where I live there are lots of walkways around the coast.

Favourite place you’ve visited within the last 12 months: Whangateau, near Matakana, where there is a magical calm, the sea is calm, and the views are spectacular. The trees look like lollipops along the foreshore.

Favourite place in NZ: Wellington and Nelson. I also enjoy Northland where I grew up.

Favourite food: BURGERS and steak dinners. No dessert these days :-(

Currently listening to: Love 70s and 80s music (retro). Also appreciate some classical music, including opera – especially a beautiful track called Faded. I also really enjoy the latest top 10 music tracks, but don’t ask me to name the groups or artists!

Currently watching: Masterchef and food docos

Currently reading: Nothing at the moment, I love astronomy and just gazing quietly at the night sky.

Favourite advice to give to students: Don’t be average like everyone else. Be fabulous. Stand out from the crowd – it’s too easy not to put yourself out for other people. Make a difference and be the best you can be!

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