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One of the top three industries in the world DONTJUSTTHINK GLOBAL BE GLOBAL How would you like to arrange hot air balloon flights in Kenya or dreamliner jet flights to Paris Are you interested in checking-in travellers at Auckland International Airport guiding tourists through London managing a ski field in Colorado working at Disney World or organising conferences in Melbourne In order to get into these types of jobs youll need a relevant qualification. One that will provide you with the right skills and knowledge to kick start your new career. ITC can help you with that WHYPEOPLE ARE GETTING INTOTRAVEL The aviation travel and tourism industries continue to attract those looking for an interesting and fun career that offers future security. Tourism is one of the worlds largest industries and employs 1 in 10 people in New Zealand. Thats why a qualification in the travel arena offers such an ever-expanding range of career opportunities. There are people working in travel and tourism jobs that didnt even exist a few years ago. And as technology and tourism evolves new types of jobs are being introduced all the time.