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6 reasons to study tourism in 2018

Posted on 16/01/2018 by

Love travel? Then a career in tourism could be right for you.

Have you just finished school and you’re looking for your next challenge? Or are you in the mood for a career change?

Whether you’re a school leaver or a career changer, a career in tourism could be right for you. And the best way to kickstart your tourism career is with a qualification from The International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC).

ITC offers several in-depth qualifications in airline, travel & tourism. We can help you get your tourism career off to a flying start.

“And why study tourism?”, we hear you ask. There are hundreds of reasons to join this exciting industry; but here are six of our favourites.

1. Skilled tourism workers are in high demand

Tourism is a growing industry in New Zealand, so there is high demand for skilled, reliable, motivated workers throughout the country. Employers need committed, passionate, qualified professionals to join their tourism businesses – so if you tick these boxes, you stand a great chance of getting a job when you graduate.  

2.Tourism is a lot of fun

Whether you end up working at the airport, in adventure tourism, as a tour guide, in a travel agency, or any of the other tourism sectors, chances are you’ll have a lot of fun. These professions tend to attract outgoing, fun-loving, travel-obsessed, ‘people people’ – so you’ll be surrounded by lots of like-minded souls and you’ll make plenty of friends.

3. You get to help make people’s dreams come true

A lot of people travel to fulfil their dream of seeing beautiful, exotic places. When you work in the tourism industry, you get to help make their travel dreams come true. Whether you welcome people as they arrive at the airport, book their accommodation, or take them on a guided tour, you will play an important and rewarding part in their overseas adventure.

4. You’ll meet people from all over the world

A career in the tourism industry is a wonderful way to interact with people from different nationalities on a daily basis. Learn about different cultures and listen to array of different languages – all in the name of work!

5. You will get one step closer to working abroad

Do you dream of one day working overseas? Perhaps you want to do a fixed-term working holiday in America or Europe? Or maybe the idea of working on a cruise ship is calling your name? If you want to travel and work at the same time, then a tourism qualification will be your ticket. Many ITC graduates have gone on to work for airlines overseas, as well as at world-famous attractions such as Disney World.

6. You could be qualified in as little as 20 weeks

You don’t need to study for years to get a great tourism job. At ITC, our qualifications start at just 20 weeks. That means you could be qualified and in an entry-level tourism job in a matter of months! We also offer Diploma-level qualifications for those who would like to pursue management roles.

Does a career in tourism sound right for you? Get in touch today to enrol on one of our upcoming courses. We have courses starting in February and March, so get in quick to get your tourism career off to a flying start.

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