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5 ways studying tourism feeds your travel addiction

Posted on 21/02/2017 by

Explore the world with a career in airline, travel or tourism.

Got the travel bug? Study tourism! A qualification from the International Travel College of New Zealand will prepare you for an exciting career in the tourism industry.

Here are five ways studying tourism can feed your travel addiction.

1. You’ll learn about the world

Is there anything a travel addict loves more than learning about the world? Discover what it’s like to work in the holiday business both in New Zealand and abroad. Spend your days learning about fascinating destinations and how to make people’s dream holidays (including your own!) come true.

2. You’ll make lifelong travel buddies

Every travel addict needs a group of travel besties. You’ll be sharing a classroom with like-minded adventurers who can’t wait to explore the world. At the end of your course, you’ll have made lifelong friends who will always be keen to hear about your trips – or better yet, they might even come with you!

3.You’ll talk about travel every day

Are your friends and family getting sick of you mentioning the ‘T’ word every single day? At ITC, we’ll never get bored of hearing you talk about how much you love travel. Not a day will go by when you don’t get to chat about your all-time favourite topic.

4. You’ll meet people from different countries

When you study tourism, you don’t need to go to the airport to hear different accents – you’ll have a world of diversity in your classroom. We welcome students from all around the globe. Maybe one of them will be your new best friend?

5. You’ll get travel tips from well-travelled tutors

There’s not a single soul on the ITC staff list who doesn’t love travel. Just like you, the tutors are overflowing with enthusiasm for the world and its people. They are all well-travelled and can’t wait to share their best travel tips and travel stories with you.

Ready to feed your travel addiction? The International Travel College is enrolling now. Get in touch today to learn more about our exciting qualifications in airline, travel and tourism.

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