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5 of the best tourism adventures in New Zealand

Posted on 10/07/2024 by

The Auckland SkyJump is one of our top five tourism adventures! Which of these have you tried?

At ITC, we live and breathe tourism – and we’re especially proud of all the phenomenal adventures available for visitors (and locals!) here in Aotearoa.

Not only do many of our past graduates already work at some of the country’s best tourist attractions, we also have the pleasure of introducing our current students to some of what New Zealand has to offer during our courses and trips.

So here are our top five picks for the best tourism adventures in New Zealand, whether you live here and want to explore your own backyard, or whether you’re visiting from overseas!

  1. The Shotover Jet in Queenstown

No list of top adventures in Aotearoa would be complete without a mention of the Shotover Jet. This is the world’s original jetboat ride, and it all started in the picturesque Shotover Canyons.

This adventure offers a white-knuckled ride on a high-powered jetboat, where you’ll zoom shockingly close to canyon walls, spin 360s, and likely get more than a little damp from the refreshing water sprays.

  1. The Sky Tower Bungee in Auckland

The Sky Tower is one of New Zealand’s most iconic buildings – and jumping off it is one of our best adrenaline-pumping adventures!

This AJ Hackett Bungy lets you jump off the country’s highest building and fall 53 floors down, travelling 85 kilometres per hour on a connected wire. In mere seconds, you’ll be back at ground level in SKYCITY Plaza, exhilarated and excited to relive that moment through photos and videos for years to come.

  1. Whitewater Rafting in Rotorua

What could be more adventurous than tackling Rotorua’s famous white rapids in a small inflatable boat?

Not only that, but Rotorua Rafting has been voted as the number one experience in New Zealand, and the number two experience in the world! This trip will take you over the highest commercially rafted waterfall in the world, and better yet, the company proudly offsets their CO2 footprint by 120%, making it a fantastic eco-friendly tour provider as well.

  1. Exploring the Fox Glacier on the West Coast

Voted the best ‘Out of the Ordinary’ experience in the world, a hike on the Fox Glacier is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Fox Guides will take you to a part of New Zealand that’s only accessible by helicopter. Once there, you’ll explore the pristine glacier with an experienced guide to teach you about the area and all the caves, arches, and tunnels you’ll discover along the way.

  1. Canyoning in Nelson

Nelson is best known for its vast golden beaches and vibrant local community. But here you can also explore a hidden part of New Zealand – its canyons.

Abel Tasman Canyons will guide you through some of the region’s most epic granite canyons, where you’ll jump into pools of water, slide down waterfalls, scramble up rocks, swim through rivers, and generally have one of the most unique and exciting experiences in the country.

Study to work in this incredible industry!

We couldn’t be more excited about the travel and tourism industry, or more proud of our many graduates who go on to work in these amazing jobs.

If you love adventure tourism so much that you can imagine yourself working in it every day, ITC could be your first step to making that happen! Explore our courses online here, or get in touch to find out more.

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