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4 ways studying at ITC prepares you for the ‘real world’

Posted on 06/03/2018 by

Love travel? Studying at ITC is an excellent way to prepare yourself for a career in the airline, travel and tourism industry.

One of the things that makes ITC a great place to study is how the College takes great care to prepare you for a ‘real job’ in the industry.

At ITC, you get so much more than a qualification – you also learn practical skills that will help you excel in the workforce.

Here are four ways ITC prepares you for a ‘real job’.

The dress code

ITC’s black and white corporate dress code will get you into the habit of dressing professionally for work. Students are encouraged to wear crisp white shirts, smart skirts or pants, and polished shoes.

At first, “dressing up” for class might seem strange – but by the time you apply for jobs, you’ll be able to dress with pride and confidence. Remember, first impressions count!

Punctuality and attendance

At ITC, you’re expected to turn up to class on time, every day. The College tracks your attendance and may share this information with future employers, so you want to aim for 100 per cent attendance if you can.

ITC is strict about attendance because in the “real world” you can’t take unlimited sick days or holidays. By turning up to class every day (unless you’re really unwell), it will be less of a shock to the system when you start working in the industry.

Friendly people and staff

Tourism is a fun industry and attracts friendly, outgoing people. You’ll get to know people just like this at ITC! The tutors are warm and welcoming and your classmates will be fellow travel enthusiasts.

ITC offers plenty of group work and practical assessments so you’ll get used to working as a team, and get to improve your people skills.

Work experience

ITC arranges several work experience opportunities for its students, such as volunteering at trade events like TRENZ or working at the cruise ship ports during the high season.

Work experience gives you a glimpse into what work is really like outside of study, so you can get some good practice in before you graduate.

What ITC students say…

Here’s what some ITC graduates have said about their time at college.

“I learned time management, better communication skills, and how to work as a team.” – Jenny Zhang

“I learned a lot about customer service, as well as knowledge about New Zealand and the travel industry.” – Stefy Perrichet

“Cross-cultural communication! I use it almost every day at bungy.” – Morgan Tunstall

“I learned to get confidence in myself by never giving up and always aiming high.” – Taryn Brown

Want to study at ITC and get qualified for an exciting career in the tourism industry? Get in touch today to learn how we can help you get your tourism career off to a flying start.

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