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3 reasons to get a part-time job while you study

Posted on 19/02/2019 by

Some ITC students on work experience last year. Work experience can often lead to permanent part-time work (or even full-time work after you graduate).

Are you considering getting a part-time job while you study at ITC?

Here are three reasons why this could be a great idea.

1. Part-time work looks fabulous on your CV

One of the main reasons you’re studying is to get a great full-time job in the airline, travel and tourism industry after graduation – right?

Well, a part-time job will look fabulous alongside your tourism qualification when you graduate, says ITC employment consultant Sarndra Stephens.

“A part-time job paints a great picture for employers. It shows you’re able to juggle work and study and that you have good time management, are dependable, committed, and so much more,” says Sarndra.

2. Part-time work is a good way to get customer service experience

Most employers in the airline, travel and tourism industry look for workers with some customer service experience in addition to a qualification. 

The industry is all about people, so employers want to see that you’re confident interacting with customers and you understand how to speak to people from a variety of backgrounds.

A lot of part-time jobs offer customer service experience, from working at the supermarket to working in retail to working at your local service station.

3. Part-time work allows you to put what you learn into practice

At ITC, you’ll be learning a lot of key skills such as customer service, time management, teamwork, and so much more.

A part-time job will show employers that you have some experience putting these skills to use outside of the classroom. Work experience is also a good way to demonstrate this.

Basically, it’s another way to back-up the claims you make on your CV – to show that you really do have what it takes to be a great employee.

Tips for working and studying

  • Look for part-time work that can fit around your study hours, e.g. evenings or weekends (study should be your number one priority).

  • Sometimes less is more. It’s better to work 10 hours a week and still have time for your studies than to stretch yourself to 20 hours a week and fall behind on your coursework. Remember, you’ll be able to work full-time once you graduate!

  • Be a master of time management. Find a ‘planning system’ that works for you and means you will never miss a work shift or fall behind in class. For some people, this is writing lists the night before. For others, this is using a digital calendar (such as Google Calendar) or a paper diary. Find what works for you.

  • Look after your health and wellbeing. It’s hard to both work and study if you’re feeling rundown or operating on very little sleep. Try to eat plenty of fruits and veggies and get some rest each night.

  • Talk to your tutors or ITC’s employment consultants. If you have any concerns about balancing study and work or simply want some more tips for staying on top of things, make sure you talk to the staff at ITC. We’re here to help!

Do you dream of working in the airline, travel and tourism industry? Get in touch today to learn more about our qualifications in this exciting career path.

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