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updated 17 December 2014

ITC student scores highest mark in New Zealand for IATA qualification

One very bright student at the International Travel College (ITC) has scored the highest mark in New Zealand for the IATA Foundation Exam.
Anastasiya Kolchunova is an international student from Russia who has been at ITC since February 2013. She has completed Level 3 and Level 4 and is now studying towards aLevel 5 Diploma in Tourism and Travel Management.

To achieve top marks in the country is a great achievement for Anastasiya. The IATA Foundation Exam is an internationally recognised qualification which covers several important tourism topics, including customer service, reservations, sales, travel agent training, electronic booking tools and pre-packaged tour products.

“I feel excited and happy to be named the top scholar in New Zealand,” says Anastasiya.

“The IATA Foundation Diploma gave me a lot of knowledge about the travel and tourism industry which is very valuable for me. This is a big achievement and I am looking forward to using it in my future!”

Anastasiya comes from Novosibirsk, the third most populous city in Russia and located in the heart of the Siberian Federal District. She chose to study in New Zealand because of its great reputation as a popular destination for tourists and international students.

When she finishes her studies, Anastasiya is looking to pursue a career in the hotel industry.

“My dream job is to get into the amazing world of hotel work, meet new people every day and share my knowledge with them,” she said.

“New Zealand is one of the best places to make my dreams come true. International work experience in a country with a highly developed tourism industry sounds awesome to me!”

ITC has been teaching the IATA Foundation Diploma for several years and has enjoyed great success with the course. In 2011 the College was named as one of the top ten IATA training centres in the Asia Pacific.

This year a total of 13 ITC students passed the exam and four gained Distinction. ITC Tutor Steve Burke recently presented the students with their certificates, a proud moment for teachers and pupils alike.

“We are very proud of our students who achieve this award,” Steve said.

Anastasiya expressed her gratitude to Steve for his dedication to the course and support along the way.

“I want to say a big thank you to the ITC team, especially to Steve for the help he provided me to reach this amazing result!”


ITC Tutor Sio Alatini among top tourism scholars in New Zealand

The International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC) is incredibly proud of one of its star tutors, Sio Alatini, who recently graduated with a Master of International Tourism Management from AUT. Sio achieved an outstanding A+ grade, placing her among the top graduates in the country. 

Born in Tonga, Sio used her experience of travelling back to her home country as inspiration for her Masters Thesis. She researched the tourism phenomenon of visiting friends and relatives (VFR). This type of travel drives many people to visit new countries every year, but according to Sio’s research, it lacks the same level of academic focus as other key drivers such as business, education and health.

Sio set out to change this by producing excellent and much-needed research about VFR’s role in Tongan culture. In her Thesis, she explores how VFR sends Tongans travelling in many directions; some return to their homeland, while others leave their home country to see relatives abroad. Sio analysed how this type of travel serves to maintain and evolve Tonga’s culture. 

Her research has been celebrated in New Zealand and abroad. Sio presented her work in Canberra earlier this year at the Pacific Research Colloquium 2014. She told AUT that she was “humbled to be given the opportunity to showcase [her] work to top researchers of the Pacific”.

Sio currently teaches at ITC’s Botany Campus and she says studying tourism to a higher education level has helped her become a better tutor. The Masters Programme provided her with an in-depth understanding of the tourism sector, as well as improved teaching, analytical and research skills. 

Students at ITC are extremely fortunate to benefit from Sio’s extensive knowledge of the industry. She brings passion, commitment and a positive attitude to the College, which has been providing training in aviation, travel and tourism since 1996.

“Sio joined the Botany team and very quickly her experience and knowledge of the travel and tourism sector from her studies gave our students the cutting edge in gaining their qualification,” ITC Botany Campus Manager Natasha Allen said.

Sio has also played a major role in the delivery of a new Level 5 Diploma Qualification at Botany. Expecting her fourth child, Sio will be missed by staff and students alike when she goes on maternity leave at the end of this year.

“We wish her all the best for the arrival of her 4th daughter and look forward to her returning to the college next year to embark on another Level 5 class,” Natasha said.


ITC Wins Excellence in Customer Service Award!

The International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC) has won the prestigious award for Excellence in Customer Service Delivery at the Westpac Auckland Business Awards 2014 – South.

With campuses in Botany Town Centre and Auckland Central, ITC has been a premium supplier of full-time and part-time training programmes for the airline, travel and tourism industries since 1996.

The award, sponsored by OfficeMax, recognises excellence in customer service. ITC takes pride in creating a warm and welcoming environment for everyone that comes in to contact with the college.  Winning the award represents ITC’s continued and ongoing success in its field. The college has won 12 awards in the last seven years!

Staff from ITC’s Botany Campus donned ball gowns and sharp suits for the South Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony, held on October 9 at the Vodafone Events Centre in Manukau. It was a dazzling occasion made all the more special by ITC’s win.

ITC Managing Director Kerry Priestley is delighted the college has been recognised for customer service as this is an area they invest much time and pride in.

“Our industry expects excellent customer service and we expect our students to be shining examples, so we have to walk the talk,” says Kerry.

“This award acknowledges the effort we have put into this important area of our business.”

Kerry took to the podium to accept the award alongside Marketing Director, Claire Huxley. In their acceptance speech they made special reference to the amazing work ITC staff and tutors do to inspire the young people of South Auckland to pursue an exciting and rewarding career in travel and tourism.  ITC students have excellent job placement rates and go on to achieve great things in the industry.

“This award really is about the tutors and the team at the college, and to reflect their excellent work each and every day,” he said.

“We would also like to thank all of our supporters: the industry, the students and their friends and family. We couldn’t have done this without your enthusiasm and support.”

ITC is grateful to Westpac for its ongoing support of Auckland businesses through these annual awards. The college also extends its thanks to Auckland Chamber of Commerce, Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development and OfficeMax for sponsoring this category.


2014 The ITC Botany team at the awards night

Office Max, Scott Russ (left) presenting Claire Huxley and Kerry Priestley from International Travel College with their Excellence in Customer Service Award 2014

Kerry Priestley, Managing Director from The International Travel College of New Zealand accepting the award.

Claire Huxley and Kerry Priestley, from International Travel College receiving the 2014 Customer Service Excellence Award

ITC students get to role play in their purpose built Airport TrainingCentre

ITC Ready to Launch ITC Online Training

The International Travel College of New Zealand is set to officially launch their new online short courses.

The online courses will cover training for cabin crew, ground crew, tour guiding, cruises, and careers in travel and tourism. Two online soft skills courses on winning with customers and sales skills have also been developed.

ITC’s Distance Learning Programme Manager Carla Sutton says the courses have been created in direct response to the needs of industry.

“We have strong connections across New Zealand with airline, travel and tourism operators. We asked them what they wanted from us and we were prepared to do what it took to provide it.”

The clear indication from industry was that ITC should offer courses that would allow all those involved in travel and tourism to benefit – from those just starting to explore their interest to those already working in the industry.

“Developing these courses for online delivery was the best way to do that,” says Carla. “It makes them accessible and affordable to anyone without the constraints of time or money to do onsite training.”

“Because people can study from any PC, Mac, tablet or smart phone it’s perfect for those entering the industry, people wanting to update their skills, or employers wanting to help their staff update their skills.”

The courses ranges from Bronze to Silver and Gold, with Bronze providing basic course lessons and the Silver and Gold levels offering more personalised study and assessment. Students who complete the Silver and Gold levels will also receive a Certificate of Completion. 
The courses have been extensively trialled with the help of ITC’s staff and on-campus students.

“As with all of our training, the online courses have been designed with real-world practical applications in mind,” says Carla. “They have been written and designed by authors with a huge range of industry experience, real work skills and great teaching experience.”

Feedback so far has been excellent and ITC is looking forward to launching its new courses in August 2014.


Wendy and Carla from the Distance Learning Team

ITC offers diploma qualification to Botany students

The International Travel College (ITC) Diploma in Tourism and Travel Management will be offered at the ITC Botany Campus from 2014, allowing students to take their studies to the next level.

“This is the first time a diploma-level qualification has been available to our South Auckland students,” says ITC’s Marketing Director Claire Huxley. “Previously, students have travelled to our City Campus for this course.”

With the focus in the Tertiary Education Strategy (TES) being to educate students to a higher level and a number of students who were really keen to take the course, ITC decided it was time to offer the Diploma in Tourism and Travel Management course at both campuses. "After speaking to all the agencies involved, we were encouraged and supported by the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) to deliver our this course at Botany" said Kerry Priestley, ITC Managing Director.

ITC decided to mark the occasion and held a formal event with full Maori protocol to welcome students to the new diploma. Robson Chamberlain of Edgewater College’s Te Tahawai Marae called the welcome and ITC student Lewis Wilson formally responded. Student Rawinia Nghoe responded to the Edgewater College kapa haka group’s powhiri with a waiata.

A mihi was held to bless the level 5 curriculum and a karakia whakamutunga concluded the protocol.

ITC’s Campus Manager Botany, Natasha Allen, then spoke to the group, welcoming the students, thanking the TEC for its support and highlighting to the students the important step they were about to take. As the course is delivered in just 48 weeks, she talked to the students about the challenges that the students may face and how all the ITC would be there to support them, encourage and see them into exciting careers in management roles in the future.

“These students are going to be the leaders of the travel and tourism industry of tomorrow,” says Natasha. “It felt important and respectful to acknowledge their hard work so far and the commitment they have made to their future learning.”

Jami-Lee Ross, National MP for Botany, congratulated the students on their dedication to their educational journey and spoke of how pleased he was to see this high level qualification available in South Auckland. He spoke of ITC's success in the industry and how their awards and accolades was a recognition of their dedication in training students.

“We are excited about the future of this diploma,” says Kerry, “and for the future of the students who are undertaking it.”








ITC Scholarship Winners Announced!

ITC has chosen its scholarship recipients for 2014. Applicants created a video or a blog showing us their passion and enthusiasm for travel, their commitment to learning, and why they felt they should receive a scholarship award.

We received a very high calibre of applicants and after many discussions we chose four recipients. On successful completion of their qualification the recipients will receive a cheque to the allotted values of their scholarship.

Charlotte Roberts-Swain, Macleans College, Auckland. $5,000 scholarship, ITC Botany Campus

We first met Charlotte with her mother at the Macleans College careers evening. She immediately came across as a bubbly and enthusiastic person. Charlotte’s mother works in the travel industry and has passed on her enthusiasm and passion for the industry to her daughter.

Charlotte’s blog was very well thought out and identified clearly why she felt she should receive the scholarship.  She demonstrated how her experience in her travel class with teacher Julie McDougall had broadened her understanding of the career opportunities available to her in travel and tourism. She also showed an understanding of the important part the industry plays, not just New Zealand’s economy but worldwide.

Her aspirations for her future in the industry are very exciting and we believe she will go on to be an asset to any employer when she graduates.

Her response to being informed of the scholarship award was complete joy, and her first words were “I cannot wait to tell my Mum!”

Lape Talopau from Kelston Girls, Auckland. $5,000 scholarship, ITC CIty Campus

Lape’s video was just full of energy and showed her as an enthusiastic and positive person with a fantastic smile. She proved she had a great understanding of the need for our scholarship recipients to be hard working, committed and passionate about working in the travel and tourism industry.

Lape highlighted that she understood the importance of working and conversing with people from very diverse cultures. She obviously has the personality and people skills to make a big career for herself in travel and tourism and we look forward to watching her grow through her studies with us.  Lape’s screams of joy when we informed her of her award are still making our ears ring today!

Kimi-Ora Follas, Otamatea College Northland . $1,000 scholarship, ITC Botany Campus

Kimi-Ora’s teacher, Marco Troost, contacted us to ask for some tips for her application, and to endorse her as a great student who is very passionate about wishing to forge a career for herself in travel and tourism.

Marco’s judgement of Kimi-Ora’s suitability for the industry proved to be correct. Kimi-Ora first heard of ITC through one of Ceri Jenkins’ presentations at her school when she was in year 12.  It convinced her that she should follow her passion for the industry and endeavour to gain the necessary education to enter travel and tourism.

She had obviously done her homework on ITC via the internet and also made the long journey to Auckland with her family to attend one of our open days. Kimi-Ora’s confidence and determination stood out in her video and will we are sure hold her in very good stead throughout her studies and future employment.

Sonia Murray, Sancta Maria, Auckland. $1,000 scholarship, ITC City Campus.

Sonia had attend one of our short courses and made a lasting impression on our tutor Mel. Her enthusiasum and ability to work well with others really stood out.

Sonia’s previous class visits to ITC and attendance on the short courses convinced her that tourism was for her and highlighted that she has a special interest in adventure tourism.

Her blog was very articulate and outlined all of the key aspects we were looking for in scholarship recipients, in particular her undoubted passion for the travel and tourism and the sense that there is a very big and successful career just waiting out there for her. We wish all of our scholarship recipients and applicants the best for 2014 and beyond.










“An Excellent Match” – ITC’s new partnership with Sterling Business College

The International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC) has forged a partnership with Sterling Business College in Perth, Western Australia. The partnership will see students pathway from Sterling’s Level II – IV certificates to higher study at ITC.

“We are thrilled to be working with Sterling Business College,” says ITC Marketing Director Claire Huxley. “They offer one of Australia’s best travel and tourism programmes, and we have a lot in common in terms of the aims we have for our students.”

Sterling’s Principal Janelle Dawson agrees: “This partnership is an excellent match, as both colleges provide quality training and have great student outcomes.”

Both ITC and Sterling pride themselves on their personal investment in each student.

“People know each other at ITC,” says Claire. “Students study and work closely with each other, and the tutors know each of the students and what their dreams are. It’s a very personalised approach. Sterling has the same philosophy of working with each of the students to help them realise their goals.”

Both colleges encourage international students and Claire sees the possibility for ITC students to also spend time at Sterling.

“This partnership opens the door to opportunities for ITC students in Western Australia. This industry is all about making connections across the globe and we are thrilled to have made this connection with Sterling Business College.”

Janelle also sees the positive impact this will have on her students.

“We are delighted to extend this great opportunity to our students to be able to further their studies in travel and tourism in New Zealand. They now have the opportunity to travel, study and live in two different countries. What could be better for a tourism student?”







Top IATA Performer again at ITC

International Travel College (ITC) student Hayley Miles has received a special commendation from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) for being the top performer in New Zealand in their September exams.

The IATA is an international trade body that represents some 230 airlines comprising 93% of scheduled international air traffic.

The International Travel College is an IATA Authorized Training Center (ATC), which allows it to teach the IATA Travel and Tourism and Aviation training programmes.

As well as achieving the top performer award for the exams, Hayley also passed the IATA Foundation Diploma with Distinction.

Hayley started with ITC in January 2012 after graduating from Massey High School. She completed both the Certificate in Travel and Tourism and the Certificate in International Travel and Tourism, passing both with Distinction.

She is currently studying ITC’s Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management, which finishes in March 2014.

In October Hayley started a part-time role as a junior travel consultant at United Travel Westgate and upon completion of her studies next year will take up a full-time position there.

This is the third time that an ITC student has been the top IATA student, and Marketing Director Claire Huxley says it is a great endorsement of the staff at ITC.

“We know our tutors and staff love this industry and have a huge amount of experience to pass on. But they go the extra mile by offering such fantastic support and guidance for their students – they work hard to see them get the experience they need to succeed and to give them the confidence they need to really go for it.

“Our tutor Steve Burke in particular is a marvel at IATA and without his knowledge, dedication and sheer tenacity our students wouldn't have the opportunity to achieve such greatness.”

“We are so proud of Hayley. She embodies our philosophy of working hard to achieve your dream. This is a well-deserved achievement and we congratulate her on her success.”







ITC Gives Northland Students a Taste of the Action

A new initiative from International Travel College (ITC) gives students from outside the main centres the chance to experience the opportunities available in the airline, travel and tourism industries.

“We are very aware that there are high school students around the country who simply don’t have the access to training opportunities that students in the larger cities have,” says ITC’s Marketing Director Claire Huxley.

“It’s not just a lack of training institutions in those areas, but there are few chances for students to even explore whether they are interested in pursuing a particular field of study.”

To combat this, ITC recently provided its two-day Flight Attending Short Course to students in Northland.

“We contacted all the high school careers advisors in the area,” says Claire, “and they were absolutely thrilled to be able to offer this to their students. We also have a great relationship with Fullers and we contacted them to see if they could help us out.”

Fullers Great Sites offered its vessel ‘Tongariro’, to stand in for the aircraft cabin for the full two days of the course.

ITC’s Short Course Tutor Mel Verwijmeren ran the course. She provided students with practical role-play experience using onboard equipment, and taught them skills related to in-flight service, safety demonstrations, evacuations and how to deal with passengers’ specific needs.

An added bonus of running the course onboard a ship, says Mel, was how transferable those skills are from airline travel to the open ocean.

“They students learnt about the entry level roles onboard these vessels, giving them a greater understanding of what further education was needed to step into such roles.”
“And thanks to Barry, the Operations Manager of Fullers Great Sites, our students got a real taste of what the travel and tourism industry has to offer, as we visited local tourist attractions the R-Tucker Sail Boat, Dolphin Explorer, Overnight Cruise Ipipiri and the Exciter, which is equipped with not one but four V8 engines!”

This first step in ITC’s new initiative has been incredibly successful, and several of the students have already enrolled with ITC for 2014, and a number were even offered work experience onboard one of the Fullers Great Site vessels.

“Mel worked incredibly hard to provide these students with the same experience students from Auckland schools get with our short courses,” says Claire. “And the feedback from teachers and students has been excellent. These students now have another option available to them, and that takes them one step closer to their dream job.”

ITC will be continuing to offer its short courses to high school students outside Auckland, with the next course to be run in Gisborne.






ITC accepted as one of the best by Quality Education

The International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC) has been accepted as a Quality Education College.

“We are really proud to be associated with Quality Education,” says ITC’s Managing Director Claire Huxley. “They have a reputation in the industry for only working with the best.”

Quality Education is part of Quality English Ltd (QE), a company registered in England and Wales that carefully selects the best of English language schools around the world.

Building on the success of Quality English, Quality Education is described on its website as being “the new global brand for quality independent course providers teaching in English”

Eligible schools are invited to apply and undergo a series of quality checks, including a visit. The schools are then able to use the QE logo and have a presence on its website, where students can search for schools by country and subject.

“QE regularly checks the standards of the schools it associates with to monitor their quality,” says Claire. “They are essentially putting their reputation on the line each time they accept a new school or college to be part of their brand.”

ITC has welcomed and supported the advent of the new brand and its global reach by being second in the world to become a Quality Education College.

“We were only pipped at the post by Sterling College in Perth,” laughs Claire. “Quality English has such a strong reputation in English language teaching that we jumped at the chance to be associated with the launch of this new brand supporting programmes taught in English.”

ITC, which has been a premium supplier of full-time and part-time training programmes for the airline, travel and tourism industries since 1996, is well placed to understand the importance of being associated with a well-known global brand.

“Travel and tourism is by its very nature an international affair,” says Claire. “We are thrilled to be part Quality Education and value the opportunity it will bring to engage with new students from around the world.”





Graduation 2013 – a night of fireworks and magic

Toni Waterhouse, ITC’s Academic Support Coordinator, reports on this year’s graduation ceremony.

The 4th of July, America’s Independence Day, was the perfect day to celebrate our graduates’ success as they embarked on the next chapter in their lives.

Guest Speaker Kevin Biggar, from TV programme ‘First Crossings’, kindly came along to watch future successes take to the stage and to share his journey of self discovery, struggles and stardom. He provided enough motivation and drive to spark the light in many of us.

We embraced our multicultural college with many students in traditional dress, and a fantastic performance by the La Fuze Dance Crew. On the back of their Miss World NZ act, they treated us to a mixture of cultural and current dance moves, lathered in oil - They certainly knew how to entertain a crowd!

Special thanks to the wonderful people of our industry, who not only attended the night to scope out the talent but who graciously donated gifts for our Special Awards. We give warm thanks to the Langham Hotel, YHA, Intercity, Rainbows End, Nomads, Explore NZ, EcoZip Adventures, Sky Jump Auckland, Fullers, Auckland Bridge Bungy, Jucy and Stray Tours.

Congratulations to all of the students who graduated on the night, in particular Romain Villard and Elizabeth Adams who were awarded Student of the Year from the City and Botany Campuses respectively. And congratulations to the family, friends and staff who supported them along the way. The students have achieved greatness under our wings, but it is now time for them to set out on their own. As Socrates said: ‘To find yourself, think for yourself’ and remember the best is yet to come!






ITC 2014 Scholarships Are Open and Online

International Travel College of New Zealand’s (ITC) 2014 scholarship applications are now open to those who want to study for the airline, travel or tourism industries.

This is the second year that ITC has run the application process by asking students to create a video or a blog to be posted online. The entry needs to show the student’s passion and enthusiasm for the travel and tourism industries and commitment to learning.

“The technology and social media element of the scholarship makes it particularly relevant to this generation of students and to the changing way that travel and tourism operates,” says ITC’s Marketing Director Claire Huxley.

Applications are open earlier this year to give students more time to plan and create their online masterpieces, and the voting element has been removed.

“We initially thought that would be a fun element to the scholarship applications, but we have discovered that it put some people off. We want this to appeal to as many potential students as possible; and although it is a fun exercise, it is an important and serious decision we have to make regarding who receives the scholarships,” says Claire.

A group of ITC’s tutors and management team will select the recipients, and they will be looking for that special something that makes ITC’s graduates so successful.

“There are a number of qualities that people need to really contribute to the travel and tourism industry and to have a career that they love,” says Claire.

“All of our tutors have worked in these industries and the college has strong connections with organisations and employers in airline, travel and tourism, so we know what they are looking for.”

“We are all excited about seeing what this year’s applicants can show us!”

To find out more about the ITC 2014 Scholarship competition visit:

ITC, which has campuses in Botany and central Auckland, has been a premium supplier of training programmes for the airline, travel and tourism industries since 1996.






ITC Finalist in Auckland Export Awards

The International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC) has been announced as a finalist in the Auckland Export Awards in the QBE Insurance Exporter of the Year category.

This category is open to businesses with total sales under $25 million and with a minimum of 20 per cent of revenue from exports.

“This recognises our excellence in export education, which is so crucial to New Zealand, and also to our industry,” says ITC’s Marketing Director Claire Huxley.

ITC, which has been a premium supplier of full-time and part-time training programmes for the airline, travel and tourism industries since 1996, is well placed to understand the importance of international markets.

“Our industry, by its very nature, requires that we have well-trained people from all over the world here in New Zealand, and also that the graduates we send overseas represent the very best Kiwis have to offer,” says Claire.

ITC has strong industry connections and an excellent reputation both in New Zealand and overseas, which Claire believe has been critical to its success in the awards.

The college’s international students make up around 10 per cent of its student body and have a strong 95 per cent completion rate. International students are given support to become familiar with the New Zealand tourism employment market once they have completed their studies and regularly gain employment in their chosen industry.

“At ITC we really celebrate that, more than ever, travel and tourism is a worldwide concern, and we work hard to make the most of the international aspect of this industry.”

As well as welcoming international students to New Zealand, ITC’s New Zealand graduates regularly gain positions with international air and cruise lines, and on international cultural exchanges, such as Disneyworld’s “Live, Learn and Earn” programme.

The college’s tutors come from numerous places around the globe and have worked all over the world in a wide variety of companies and organisations.

“It’s a real cultural exchange,” says Claire. “There are very few places where people cannot travel these days, and there are so many opportunities for people to gain experience and to work and live within different countries and cultures. It’s fantastic to be able to offer that opportunity to international students. ”

“This is the first year we have entered these awards, and we are absolutely thrilled to be among the finalists. We are proud of our international student success and delighted to be able to contribute to contribute to New Zealand’s education community and its travel and tourism economies.”

The Auckland Export Awards are run by ExportNZ, which is a division of BusinessNZ and, at a regional level, a division of the Employers & Manufacturers Association. For more information see:






ITC Students Get TRENZ Experience

International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC) students recently had the opportunity to highlight their skills and gain valuable industry knowledge at New Zealand’s premier tourism trade event – TRENZ 2013.

TRENZ 2013 ran from Sunday 21 – Wednesday 24 April at Auckland waterfront’s Cloud and Shed 10 and comprised an opening function, the Auckland Airport International Speaker programme, workshops, and a farewell ‘Taste of New Zealand’ dinner held at Ponsonby Central.

Inu – The TRENZ bar – was also open at select times during the event to provide opportunities for networking and meetings.

Michelle Chatfield, ITC’s Campus Manager – City, says the students took on a number of important roles at the event, including meeting and greeting delegates and assisting them with general queries. They also helped with setting up and packing out the trade sites.

“Our students were just fantastic,” says Michelle. “They were enthusiastic about helping in any way they could. Working at these kind of events is a great deal if fun if you are prepared to get in stuck and do what is needed. You need to be able to think and respond quickly to a number of different queries and situations.”

It was also a chance for the students to see the tourism industry in action.

“This is one of the largest tourism events in New Zealand,” says Michelle. “We are proud that each time TRENZ is held in Auckland the organisers, Tourism Industry Association of New Zealand, approach us to provide students to help at the event. The students were able to meet representatives from national and international travel organisations. It was a real eye-opener for them to see what a range of opportunities the industry offers.”

ITC has been a premium supplier of full-time and part-time training programmes for the airline, travel and tourism industries since 1996, and has campuses in Botany and central Auckland. The college is committed to providing real-world experiences as part of its training.

“It’s one of the reasons our students have such good job placement rates,” says Michelle. “They are given plenty of opportunities to showcase their skills to the companies that will ultimately hire them, and it gives them a real feel for what working in the airline, travel and tourism industry is all about.”









ITC’s Distance and Online Learning Creates “Memories for Life”

The International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC) has been a premium supplier of full-time and part-time training programmes for the airline, travel and tourism industries since 1996, and has campuses in Botany and central Auckland.
Since 2006, ITC has offered several of its courses via and distance and online learning (DOL).
ITC DOL graduate Anita van der Mespel recently achieved her goal of entering the travel and tourism industry with a position at American Express.

“Thank you so much for everything you've done for me to get me to this place,” says Anita. “You have been truly amazing!”

Anita says that her time with ITC has “created memories that will stick with me for life. I've loved my time with you, right from the phone interview at the very beginning!”

“That’s such a wonderful thing to hear,” says ITC’s Marketing Director Claire Huxley. “One of ITC’s strongest features is its sense of being one big family – we really mean that – all the staff know the students by name and we have a huge range of activities that include our on-campus students.

“It’s important to us that our distance and online students feel that same sense of community and connection to the college.”

Many of the DOL courses have on-campus components, such as the Customer Service Workshop run in February this year.

Chantell Awheto attended the workshop and says she had “an awesome time”.

“It was nice to finally meet everyone,” she says. “The hard part is over – graduation, here we come! I look forward to seeing you all there.”

“The workshops give the students a chance to meet each other and their tutors face to face and have some fun in the campus environment,” says Claire. “Learning via distance has many advantages, but it can be isolating. It boosts the students’ confidence when they get together and see how much they have learnt.”

ITC also ensures that its DOL students are included in its prize giving and recognition of special achievements.

“Many of our off-campus students are working and caring for family members as well as studying,” says Claire. “It takes a lot of commitment to remain motivated and connected with your studies when you are not physically surrounded by others who are studying.”

One student who shows such commitment is Greg Bellett, who recently received a Spot Prize for Excellence.
Greg says: “I'm absolutely delighted and humbled to receive such an award. Too much! I'm sure you could have awarded it to any number of hardworking students in any number of classes. I'm enjoying my studies immensely and thank you for your guidance and support.”
“This is our seventh year of offering distance learning,” says Claire, “and its appeal is growing. It allows more people the freedom to upskill in a flexible and supportive environment. We hope it also encourages lifelong learning, where following your interests and passions is an ongoing process.”

Perhaps the best endorsement of that comes from Anita: “I have enjoyed it so much! Should I ever study again, I hope it is with ITC.”



ITC focuses on student achievement





ITC Provides Support for International Student Success

International students make up around 10 per cent of the International Travel College of New Zealand’s (ITC) student body. Recent education performance indicators reveal a strong 95 per cent course completion rate for these ITC students.

“We’re absolutely thrilled with that result,” says ITC’s Marketing Director, Claire Huxley. “We do a lot to support our international students, so it’s fantastic to know that it is working.”

ITC’s International Marketing Manager, Lesley Brough, says that she regularly gets positive feedback from the students and thank you letters from parents.

“It’s a big deal to send your son or daughter overseas to study, for any parent from any culture,” says Lesley. “They are genuinely pleased to have made the right choice for their child.”

Lesley credits the college’s small class sizes, the strong tutor support and the “personal touch” as contributing to the success of ITC’s international students.

“Before they arrive we give them a lot of help and advice about what will happen when they get here, how to set up a bank account or get accommodation in Auckland, for example.”

“Once they are here we meet with them regularly to make sure we know how they are doing; and we hold international student lunches every three to four months to help them connect with and support each other. Our tutors make sure the students get extra personal or academic support if they need it.”

Lesley also keeps the overseas students in touch with what’s happening around Auckland, sending regular emails about events such as the recent free movie nights at the Wynyard Quarter’s Silo Park or ideas for what they can get out and do over a long weekend.

And, as with all ITC students, says Claire Huxley, the international students benefit from ITC tutors’ industry experience and the college’s commitment to providing work experience and employment opportunities through its industry contacts.

“We help our students prepare their CVs for the New Zealand market, hone their interview skills and guide them through the employment process, which is often different from what they are familiar with,” says Claire.

“It all goes a long way to providing a secure and supportive environment for our international students. And their strong completion rates are a fantastic indicator that we are providing what they need."






ITC 2013 Scholarship Winner Announced

Avondale College student Brianna Lane has been awarded the International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC) 2013 scholarship.

The social-media-based competition had many strong entries, but ITC’s Account Manager Ceri Jenkins said that Brianna’s stood out.

“Brianna’s video displayed a great level of understanding of what the travel and tourism industry is all about. She spoke passionately about the sense of adventure that travel affords people and its ability to change the way people perceive the world.”

“She also showed a real seriousness and dedication to her studies and a determination to achieve her goals.”

In her video entry Brianna says that her long-term goal is to work with a travel wholesaler.

She says that study at ITC “has been a dream goal for me since I took geography and travel and tourism at high school.”

Brianna’s scholarship will pay for the full cost of the Level 3 Certificate in Travel and Tourism ($5150). From there she will go on to the Level 4 Certificate in International Travel and Tourism.

Brianna says she is “thankful and very overwhelmed” to have received the scholarship. She is excited about studying at ITC and says she chose the college because “It will help open up doors for me, give me the opportunity to work hands on with real people from travel companies, and give me the qualifications I need to work in the great industry that is travel and tourism.”

“We have no doubt that Brianna will achieve her goals,” says Ceri. “She says in her video that she wants to prove to herself and others that with hard work and determination anything is possible if you put your mind to it.”

“That’s just so in line with ITC’s approach. We provide so many opportunities for our students, and it is the ones who reach out and grab them with both hands and really apply themselves who get the most out of their studies.”

“We’re absolutely delighted to have Brianna on board.”







New cruise line opportunity for ITC students

International Travel College of New Zealand has formed a strong new alliance with Renaissance Tours, which will see many of its students gain experience in the cruise ship industry.

Renaissance Tours made contact with ITC’s Account Manager Ceri Jenkins to offer its students the opportunity to fulfill some passenger check in roles for their work with cruise ship company Celebrity Cruise Lines.

Initially Renaissance Tours was looking for approximately 20 staff and was hopeful ITC could go some way to supplying that number.

“Through our work with other travel and tourism companies looking for casual staff, I was very confident that we could easily provide more than 30 students for the first round of interviews,” says Ceri.

A job outline was sent to ITC and the college informed all its students throughout both campuses and its distance learning programme of the vacancy.

The level of interest was extremely high, as many students saw the opportunity to gain some valuable work experience and enhance their employability when they graduated.

ITC provided all interested students with guidance on how to prepare and present themselves for the group interview, with a key focus on making very positive first impressions.

The students were invited to ITC’s city campus for three-hour group interviews, which included a presentation about the companies involved, role outlines and company expectations. A question and answer session was then followed by a test of the students’ reservation booking skills using the check in training programme.

“The outcome of the interviews was beyond even our expectation,” says Ceri. “All 32 students were offered employment!”

The feedback from the interviewers was glowing.

 “Your students were the best prepared we have interviewed, they asked a range of insightful questions,” said one.

“There was a very professional feel about the students and the college as a whole”
“The students were very well presented and all had made a very big effort with their standard of dress and presentation in general,” said another interviewer.

“One of the company staff commented that the students were able to present their individual personalities on the day with a number of them being very humorous but professional – just what they were looking for,” says Ceri.

“That is just fantastic feedback. Alongside the hard work, travel and tourism is such a lot of fun, and we really encourage our students to take advantage of the vibrant nature of the industry.”

At the end of the busy day of interviews, the company said: “We are so impressed with the high standard of students we have met today we are very keen to forge a strong relationship between Renaissance Tours and ITC for future cruise ship seasons.”

The students are now looking forward to the start of the busy cruise ship season and ITC looks forward to another strong industry relationship that will benefit its current and future students.









Hard work and Industry connections pay off for ITC student

ITC student Susan Afoa, from Otahuhu has gained a full-time job in the travel and tourism industry even before she has finished her course.

Due to its strong relationship with industry contact JUCY Rentals, ITC has been able to help Susan to not only gain a job, but to continue her studies as well. Susan started at ITC in February 2012.

Botany Campus Manager, Natasha Allen and Account Manager, Ceri Jenkins met with Susan to discuss her future.

“Her attitude, personal presentation, personality and commitment to her course work meant that she was eligible to take part in our Level 4 work experience programme,” says Natasha.

“She discussed where she wanted to go in the future and we felt it best for her career development to choose JUCY.”

ITC and JUCY have worked together for several years to provide work experience and part-time work for students.

“They are one of our strongest industry supporters,” says Ceri. “They value the quality of our students and we value the experience they provide for them.”

Susan spent a week at JUCY’s airport office and excelled in all areas, with “exceeded expectations” ticked in every category on her feedback form. She even went the extra mile by turning up on Saturday to work.

“Work experience was amazing,” says Susan. “It was a whole new experience to go out into the workforce and see what happens out in the real world.  The JUCY crew was fabulous, friendly and kind and helped me to develop the skills that I learnt at ITC.”

When a full-time position became available, JUCY asked Susan to interview for the role, and she has now been offered the job.

Ceri and Natasha worked with Susan to create an action plan that will allow her to start work when JUCY needs her and also continue to work towards her Level 4 qualification.

“It will mean a lot of hard work, dedication and commitment from her,” says Natasha, “but we have a great deal of confidence in her and will support her in any way we can.

“It just goes to show that if you work hard to show that you have the qualities employers are looking for, not only can you do it but people will be flexible in helping you to achieve your goals.”

“It’s all about personality and attitude – 80% attitude,” says Susan. “ITC taught me this!  They have helped me get to where I am now – starting my new job and career as customer representative at JUCY Airport.  Thanks to Ceri and Natasha for all their help and to the fantastic ITC staff!”







ITC Takes Scholarships to the World Wide Web

International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC) has created a social-media-based competition for its 2013 scholarships.

“We thought it was a great way to engage high school students with the competition, but it also recognises the exciting role that social media has come to play in the travel and tourism industries and in education,” says ITC’s Marketing Director Claire Huxley.

“From online bookings to travel blogs and popular review sites like Trip Advisor, the internet increasingly plays a part in how people plan, experience and share their travels. ITC also offers online learning and e-books – so the web is a big part of our learning environment.”

Students will be asked to create a video or a blog that shows their passion and enthusiasm for the travel and tourism industries and their commitment to learning. They then need to post a link to their entry on the ITC Facebook competition page. The public will vote for their favourite entries, and students are encouraged to get family and friends involved in the voting.

“It’s such a great format,” says Claire, “like our own version of the X Factor or New Zealand’s Got Talent! We are really excited about giving students this chance to show us what they can do and the internet provides a perfect space for them to really get creative.”

ITC, which has campuses in Botany and central Auckland, has been a premium supplier of training programmes for the airline, travel and tourism industries since 1996 and is conscious of staying on top of changes in the industry.

The college’s tutors have real-world experience, its two Airport Training Centres simulate actual airport environments, and strong connections with industry groups and operators provide students with onsite work experience and jobs.

“That all helps us to keep in touch with what’s important to employers in the industry and travellers and tourists in New Zealand and worldwide,” says Claire. “The role that the internet and social media plays has become increasingly clear and we are keen to make sure our students get to experience that as well.”

To find out more about the ITC 2013 Scholarship competition visit:






ITC Excellence in Service Finalist

International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC) was last night announced as a finalist in the Excellence in Service category of the Westpac Auckland Central Business Awards 2012.

ITC, which has campuses in Botany and central Auckland, has been a premium supplier of training programmes for the airline, travel and tourism industries since 1996.

Award details from Auckland Chamber of Commerce say that the Excellence in Service category “recognises a business that shows consistent dedication to superlative service and demonstrates its commitment through its service policy, staff training and/or other specific means.”

ITC’s Marketing Director Claire Huxley says this description exemplifies the values of the college and its staff.

“We are in the business of service,” says Claire. “It is the foundation of the travel and tourism industries, and we need to walk the talk by providing excellent service ourselves.”

And that extends beyond its students and into the wider business community.

“We have a commitment to the travel and tourism industry in New Zealand and that starts with our staff. They are the ones who train the students who will ultimately go out and represent not just ITC but our country to the world. It’s crucial that we support them and give them the training and tools they need to do that well.”

ITC is no stranger to the business awards. The college won the Excellence in Marketing category at the 2011 Westpac Auckland Central Business Awards, Excellence in Marketing at the 2011 Westpac Manukau Business Excellence Awards, and in 2010 won both the Excellence in Service Delivery and Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality awards.

The category winners and the overall winner of this year’s Westpac Supreme Business Excellence Award will be announced at a black-tie gala dinner at The Langham, Auckland on Friday 2 November.







ITC Student Lisi Kaihau Lands her Dream Job

ITC student Lisi Kaihau who has been studying on the ITC Certificate of Aviation course, has just been accepted to her dream job as a flight attendant for Emirates.
Our Botany Campus Manager, Natasha Allen, who was formerly a senior flight stewardess for Emirates, and tutor Ashley Mailei who flew for Polynesian Airlines have both given Lisi plenty of encouragement and support.
“We are all very proud of her,” says Natasha, “not to mention a wee bit envious of the lifestyle she is about to embark on!”
Natasha talked to Lisi about her interview experience with Emirates.
Natasha: Congratulations, Lisi – what an achievement!
Lisi: I feel very excited and can’t believe that it is happening to me – it’s a dream come true.
Natasha: What was the interview process like?
Lisi: I actually really enjoyed the whole interview process, although it was quite intense! It was in three stages. The first stage was the Open Day, which was quite daunting – over 200 people turned up! We all handed in our CVs and they took our measurements and height.
I think that the first impressions we created at this stage were incredibly important because we were notified that night or the next day if we were successful.
Natasha: What was the next stage of the process?
Lisi: The next stage was Group Assessment Day.  There were two groups of 25 and the day was spent doing role plays and team games. For example, we broke into groups of five and had to collectively agree on five items that we would take with us if we were stranded.
Our role play was a lot of fun – my group had to pretend that we were on a flight where a passenger fell in love with a flight attendant!
At the end of the day we were given a piece of paper that said whether we had been successful or not. When I was given the piece of paper my nerves were at their highest and I really expected it to be a rejection.  When I opened the piece of paper and it said “Congratulations” I had to read it a few times to really believe it!  Only 12 candidates were selected from our original group of 25.
Natasha: What was the third stage?
Lisi: That was the one-on-one interview. It was one hour of answering questions about customer service, my experience and how I would deal with complaints – it was very challenging.
Natasha: How did you feel you went in the interview?
Lisi: I actually felt quite positive that I had performed well, but then you really just don’t know.  They said we would receive a phone call in a couple of months – and when I did I really couldn’t believe the news – I had got it!
Natasha: What advice would you give other students who want to get into the travel and tourism industry?
Lisi:  This whole experience has really shown me that what the tutors say to us at ITC is true – they push and encourage students to go for their dreams and never give up.  My training at ITC has definitely helped me with my confidence and knowledge of the travel and tourism industry and thanks to them and my hard work it has all paid off, and in August I will be flying to Dubai to embark on an exciting career as flight attendant for Emirates!
Congratulations to Lisi from everyone at ITC!


 Lisi Kaihau lands her dream job with Emirates




The Right Attitude Shines Through at ITC’s Graduation

Over 100 students recently graduated from International Travel College’s range of airline, travel and tourism certificate courses, and 11 students graduated from the International Air Transport Association’s IATA Foundation Diploma. The 320 staff, students and guests celebrated on 29 May in the beautiful ballroom at The Langham in Auckland.

“The IATA diploma is an internationally recognised qualification in airlines and ticketing and one that we are very proud to be able to deliver,” says ITC’s Managing Director Kerry Priestly.

IATA is an international trade body that represents some 230 airlines comprising 93% of scheduled international air traffic. As an IATA Authorized Training Center, ITC is authorised to teach IATA’s travel, tourism and aviation training programmes. In 2011, the college was named as one of IATA’s top 10 Asia Pacific Authorized Training Centers.

Donna Kermode – group training manager for Stella Travel Services’s retail arm, Harvey World Travel and United Travel – was this year’s guest speaker. Donna has a wealth of experience in the airline and business travel sectors.

“Donna’s speech was especially pertinent, as she has taught some of our students,” says Kerry. “Eight of them were handpicked to attend the Harvey World Travel Training School that Donna and her colleagues ran at ITC last year. It was not a required part of their course work, and Donna made special mention of ITC students’ motivation and said that they really have the ‘wow’ factor.”

Her speech focused on the importance of having the right attitude in order to succeed in the travel industry. She praised ITC’s students for their flexibility, adaptability, their helpfulness and their eagerness to learn.

“She gave our graduates a real sense of what they can achieve with their ITC qualifications,” says Kerry.
As well as the certificates and diplomas, the following awards were given for special achievements.

Distance learning awards
Personal Achievement Award : Te Uruhina Vercoe (NZ Explore – America’s Cup sailing trip for 2)
Outstanding All Round Achievement Award: Lynda Scott (Fullers – Taste of Waiheke for 2)
City campus awards
Academic Excellence Award : Laura Orsbourn (Intercity - Waitomo Explorer day tour for 2)
College Life Award  : Taufiq Asad (Sky Dive Auckland – 16,500 foot jump)
Outstanding All Round Achievement Award: Nicky Bennett (Novotel Ellerslie – 1 night’s accom & breakfast for 2)
Student of the Year: Pattananawadee Singhapanit (Stray Tours – South Island Willy Pass)
Botany Campus Awards
Academic Excellence Award: Rosemary Munro (Intercity – Bay of Islands day tour for 2)
College Life Award: Aisea Halo (AJ Hackett – Auckland Bridge Bungy Jump)
Outstanding All Round Achievement Award: Emma Pilkington (YHA Rotorua  – 2 night’s accom private ensuite room for 2)
Student of the Year: Aisea Halo (Magic Tours – Northern Discovery Pass)
ITC would like to thank the sponsors who gave us such fantastic prizes, and a special thank you to our major sponsor for the evening, The Langham, Auckland.












International Travel College Gives a Bellyful

International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC) has recently become a sponsor of Bellyful NZ.

Bellyful is a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers. The organisation delivers free precooked meals to families with new babies and families with a critically ill family member.

“It’s such an incredible organisation,” says ITC Account Manager Ceri Jenkins. “I met Jacqui Ritchie, the executive director, at a careers expo and was just amazed at the service they provide.”

“We have many working parents studying at ITC,” says Ceri. “Study is always a real commitment, but it is even more so when you have a family to organise as well. At ITC we love that this service offers such practical help to new parents.”

Bellyful has 16 branches around New Zealand and aims to have one in every town in the country by 2016.

“That’s an amazing goal,” says Ceri, “and we seriously hope they can achieve it. A lot of new parents entering tertiary study aren’t in the main centres.

“At ITC, for example, new parents often choose our distance learning courses, as they don’t need to uproot their family and they can organise study around their busy schedules.”

Each branch of Bellyful does its own fundraising and is supported by local donations and volunteers. Parents with babies under three months old and families struggling with illness can contact their local area coordinator via the Bellyful website:

“A home-cooked meal is such a simple thing to offer,” says Ceri.“ But when you are juggling the demands of family life and work or study, it’s sometimes the simple things that make all the difference.”

Bellyful’s ambassador Pippa Wetzell agrees: ““Bellyful – it’s simple and yet when you’re struggling with the challenges that a newborn brings into your life, something like a cooked meal and someone to talk to can make a world of difference. Getting off to a good start in the first few months of your baby’s life makes a huge difference to the wellbeing of a whole family.”







ITC Students Welcome International Counterparts

International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC) students were once again an important part of the Auckland International Student Welcome.

The event, run by Study Auckland, part of Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development (ATEED), welcomed over 1600 international students to Auckland City.

ITC has been a premium supplier of full-time and part-time training programmes for the airline, travel and tourism industries since 1996, and working at large events like the Student Welcome provides excellent experience for its students, says ITC staff member Malia Otuhouma.

“This is a chance for the students to put into practice what they have been studying, and I was so proud of what they achieved on the day.”

As well as taking care of VIPs and performers backstage, the students handed out goodie bags and were just generally on the spot wherever they were needed.

And the organisers were glad of their help, too. ATEED’s Study Auckland Manager Debbie Chambers said ITC students once again stepped up to the mark.

“We are always pleased to have ITC students at our events. We know they are being taught by experts with industry experience, and it really shows.

“They always had a smile on their faces and they managed their many tasks on the day professionally, despite it being an incredibly busy event.”

Malia says the students enjoyed a chance to gain some real-world event experience.

“It’s such a big part of study at ITC. You can’t teach travel and tourism purely in a classroom. It’s about being on the spot and seeing all the work that goes on behind the scenes to make events like this look effortless on the day.”






ITC Scholarships Reward Passion and Determination

Two high school students recently each received a $2500 scholarship towards their study at the International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC).

Sian Bruce and Brooke Kearins-Brown were both worthy recipients, says ITC’s Account Manager and Schools Liaison Ceri Jenkins.

“They both presented themselves in a very confident and professional manner, and their passion for and focus on their career choice was clearly evident for the panel to see.”

Applicants were asked to produce a brochure for a tourism activity for young people in Auckland. The brochures needed to have a clear focus on the product and the sales/marketing message.

The top applicants were then invited to a panel interview with Ceri and Campus Manager Kirsten Leith.

Brooke’s brochure was for a jet boating activity and Sian’s for haunted attraction ‘Spookers’.

“Both brochures were of a very high standard and would certainly not look out of place in a travel agency’s brochure rack,” says Ceri. “They had both thought very clearly about their intended audience and their use of colour and photos was superb.  The information was relevant and presented clearly and concisely.”
Ceri first met Brooke during an ITC classroom presentation at Macleans College, followed by a lengthy discussion at the school’s careers evening later in the year. Brooke’s travel and tourism teacher, Julie McDougall, highly recommended Brooke and said that she was one of her star students.

“That helped us make the decision,” says Ceri. “Brooke’s passion and hard work came through in our contact with her, in how others spoke of her and in the fantastic brochure she produced.”

Sian had attended He Mataariki School for Teen Parents in Whangarei.  She undertook ITC’s Distance Learning Tourism Course while she was completing her NCEA level 3 credits.

She then completed one of ITC’s week-long short courses during her school holidays, which further convinced her that a career in travel and tourism was where her future lay.

Education has become increasingly important to Sian as a young mother: “My son has played a huge part in my life and he has motivated me to ensure I have a successful career,” she says.

“Sian has shown such incredible motivation during her time at He Matariki and in her commitment to working towards a career in travel and tourism,” says Ceri.

“When I informed her school that she was applying for a scholarship, all of the staff was hugely supportive and the principal even offered to write a letter of support, as she said Sian was such an outstanding ambassador for their school.”
“I’m so excited,” says Sian, who says that she loved the work, the environment and the teaching staff during her short course.  “I am determined to do anything and everything that will help me become the best I can be in the travel and tourism industry. I can’t wait to start!”

The International Travel College, which has campuses in Botany and central Auckland, has been a premium supplier of full-time and part-time training programmes for the airline, travel and tourism industries since 1996.








ITC Students Dive Right In

International Travel College (ITC) students now have the opportunity to be part of an exciting new tourist operation – Skydive Auckland.

ITC, which has campuses in Botany and central Auckland, has been a premium supplier of full-time and part-time training programmes for the airline, travel and tourism industries since 1996.

“We are always looking for new way to connect our students with the industries they are training for,” says ITC Account Manager Ceri Jenkins.
Skydive Auckland is a new venture from the creators of Skydive Taupo, which has been operating since 2003. In December 2011 the company opened its operation in Auckland.

Skydive Auckland’s Marketing and Advertising Manager Stacey Carson says, “Since opening we have been building on the relationships we already had and creating new ones with anyone we see as beneficial to us and the industry. This is where the ITC comes in.”

ITC students will have the opportunity to take job placements at Skydive Auckland, earning them some much-coveted real-world industry experience.

“These kinds of relationships are one of the most effective ways we can help our students to make a real start on their careers,” says Ceri. “And they have ongoing positive effects for the college; for example, Stacey approached us initially because of the successful relationship we have with Nomads Backpackers ”

Stacey was also a guest speaker during ITC’s careers week and the feedback from tutors and students alike was fantastic.

“It’s another positive spin-off,” says Ceri. “Having someone with Stacey’s experience giving students advice on topics like interviewing and CVs, and how to build and maintain a professional reputation within the industry was hugely beneficial.”

Stacey says that in the near future they may be able to offer part-time work for students, with the potential for these positions to become full-time employment.

“I am extremely excited about working with Ceri and ITC over the coming year and look forward to developing a mutually beneficial relationship,” says Stacey.

“We’re thrilled,” says Ceri. “We have great industry connections with organisations like Nomads, Auckland Museum and JUCY rentals. This relationship with Skydive Auckland opens another door of opportunity for our students.”







ITC Continues Business Award Success

The International Travel College (ITC) of New Zealand won the Excellence in Marketing category at the Westpac Auckland Central Business Awards on 10 November 2011.

ITC, which has campuses in Botany and central Auckland, has been a premium supplier of full-time and part-time training programmes for the airline, travel and tourism industries since 1996.

The award represents ITC’s continuing success in its field.  The college recently won Excellence in Marketing at the 2011 Westpac Manukau Business Excellence Awards, and in 2010 won both the Excellence in Service Delivery and Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality awards.

“To win in both the Central and Manukau awards this year gives us real confidence that we have it right throughout the whole college,” says Marketing Director Claire Huxley.

“We work really hard to integrate our passion for the airline, travel and tourism industries in everything we do, across all of our departments and campuses.”

Strong industry links, which create work experience for students and jobs for graduates, play a significant role in ITC’s marketing.

 “For us, marketing isn’t about coming up with a brand and just saying ‘this is who we are’. We have to walk the talk – get out there and create and maintain relationships with the people who employ our students and support our college.”

A commitment to providing real-world work experience means that ITC’s students are often in the industry and public eye.

“Our students’ talents are regularly on show at events like the Auckland International Students Welcome, The Rugby World Cup and through work experience at organisations like JUCY Rentals and Auckland Museum. They are the real test of our marketing success. You can say you’re the best, but the results have to measure up.”

And they do. Regular positive feedback from industry contacts has proven that ITC practises what it preaches.

And the students have something to say about that too. Recent graduate Margaret Wilson wrote to ITC after getting a job as a telephone sales consultant at Qantas. Margaret says, “I will continue to work my hardest, and achieve the goals and tasks set for me to show that I am and will always be an ITC student. I want to show Qantas I was taught by the best.”

“We’d like to say a huge thank you to Westpac and the Auckland Chamber of Commerce for running this event and for their support of the business community,” says Claire. “And, of course, we are always grateful to the wonderful staff, students and graduates that make ITC the place we love to be.”








ITC Proud to Sponsor Student Charity

The Twinkle Child Foundation held its inaugural Comedy Night on 7 October in support of children receiving medical treatment at Manukau Superclinic.

The International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC) was proud to donate $1000 to sponsor the event. The night was a great success, with $2000 dollars raised for much-needed toys, activities, and medical equipment.
The Twinkle Foundation, which was begun in 2009, has a mission “to brighten the experiences of children and infants by providing gifts and funding for paediatric support services.”

“Obviously, it’s a fantastic cause,” says ITC’s Marketing Director Claire Huxley, “but what really impressed us is that the foundation is New Zealand’s only charity run exclusively by secondary and tertiary students.”

“It is such a great example to students everywhere that they can make a difference.”

The night began with a hilarious performance from comedian Jarred Fell, who wowed the audience with magic tricks. Next, the Indian Cultural Group from Auckland Grammar School and St Cuthbert’s College delivered a satirical spoof on culture. The evening continued with performances from the band PreMixed, the highly entertaining dancing Crazy Animals, a selection of the world’s funniest Youtube videos, and a parody of the “planking” phenomenon.

The Twinkle Child Foundation was delighted with ITC’s donation, saying, “It is greatly appreciated… and will go a long way to benefiting the Manukau Superclinic through the Comedy Night fundraising event.”

“We are so impressed with what this group of dedicated young people has managed to accomplish in just a few short years,” says Claire. “And we’re delighted we could be a part of helping them support the children at the Manukau Superclinic. And a big congratulations to ITC student Rachael Gee for her involvement with this charity"

For details of the Twinkle Foundation, please check their website -







ITC Nominated for Further Business Award

The International Travel College (ITC) of New Zealand has been nominated for the Excellence in Marketing category in the Westpac Auckland Central Business Awards.

ITC recently won Excellence in Marketing at the Westpac Manukau Business Excellence Awards.

The entry criteria for the Auckland awards states that the marketing category “recognises a business that shows a thorough understanding of - and commitment to - marketing in a way that makes it a clear leader in the field.”

“We certainly hope that describes us,” says Marketing Director Claire Huxley. “Marketing at ITC is about more than getting students to sign up to our courses – it’s about integrating all aspects of the college into the travel and tourism industry.”

ITC’s strong commitment to developing relationships with industry pays off for its students, who regularly get real-world experience and job opportunities through ITC’s connections.

“For example, our Account Manager Ceri Jenkins is constantly working to market the college by developing strong links between the students and their future careers.”

Ceri has brokered numerous opportunities for students to undertake part-time work with companies such as JUCY Rentals and Auckland War Memorial Museum. And students regularly get onsite experience working behind the scenes at events like the Auckland International Student Welcome and the TRENZ tradeshow.

“Those kinds of relationships come about because we have the confidence that we are genuinely preparing students for jobs in the real world,” says Claire. “And you can’t fake that – you have to have the full support and belief of the staff, the students and the people working in those industries to make it work.”

The award winners will be announced at a black-tie gala dinner at The Langham Hotel Auckland on Thursday 10th November 2011.

ITC, which has campuses in Botany and central Auckland, has been a premium supplier of full-time and part-time training programmes for the airline, travel and tourism industries since 1996. ITC also offers a wide range of Distance and Online learning courses.






ITC’s Business Awards Win

International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC) has been named the winner in the Excellence in Marketing category at the Westpac Auckland South Business Awards 2011. This is the first time that this category has been in the Awards and was one of the most contested categories.

The awards (formerly the Westpac Manukau Business Excellence Awards) aim to recognise and celebrate excellence in South Auckland’s businesses, particularly in relation to promoting and strengthening economic development in the region.

The announcement was made at a gala dinner held at the TelstraClear Pacific Events Centre in Manukau on 12 August.

“We are so thrilled,” says Marketing Director Claire Huxley. “We integrate our marketing in all that we do – whether it’s college-run events, our website and blog, our relationship with industry or work experience for our students.”

“We know that marketing isn’t just about the promotional material we produce. Everyone at the college represents the ITC brand, and it’s an important part of our job to make sure we create an environment where everyone is proud to represent us – whether that’s our staff, our students or our graduates.”

“A passion for the tourism, travel and airline industries is the foundation of our college. Our staff members all have a great deal of experience and a real commitment to sharing that with our students and helping them on their way to their dream career. All of our marketing stems from that core focus.”

“We’d like to say a big thank you to Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development who run the awards, not just for recognising ITC, but for the faith they show in our business community and for the opportunity to show people what we are all capable of.”

ITC, which has campuses in Botany and central Auckland, has been a premium supplier of full-time and part-time training programmes for the airline, travel and tourism industries since 1996. ITC also offers a wide range of Distance and Online learning courses.

This is not the first win for the college, which won the Excellence in Service Delivery and Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality awards in 2010.









Cristina a Top Performer at ITC

On Friday 22 July, International Travel College of New Zealand student Cristina Traczinski received some wonderful news. She had just been named as the student with the best performance in the country for the IATA Foundation and EBT Course.

The course is administered by the IATA Training and Development Institute (ITDI), the training arm of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) – an international trade body that represents some 230 airlines comprising 93% of scheduled international air traffic.

The International Travel College of New Zealand is an IATA Authorized Training Center (ATC), which allows it to teach the IATA Travel and Tourism and Aviation training programmes. Cristina completed the ITDI course as part of International Diploma in Tourism Management.

“We’re so proud of Cristina,” says ITC’s Managing Director Kerry Priestley. “This is an exceptional achievement and will stand her in good stead in her career.”

The letter telling Cristina of her achievement came from Ismail Albaidhani, Head of Distance Learning at IATA in Canada. It congratulates her on her performance and tells her that she may use the letter as a reference for any future job application.

Not that she needs it just yet; Cristina has just also found out that she is to start her first role in the travel and tourism industry on 1 August at travel consultancy BTI.

“What a success story!” says Kerry. “Cristina is a stand-out example of the kind of momentum that builds once people really set their sights on a dream. We work hard to give our students the training, the experience and the industry contacts to realise their dream, but in the end they have to give it their best shot – and that is exactly what Cristina has done.”

Congratulations to Cristina from all her classmates and the staff at ITC.

ITC has been a premium supplier of full-time and part-time training programmes for the airline, travel and tourism industries since 1996, and has campuses in Botany and central Auckland.






ITC Nominated for Two Business Awards

International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC) has been nominated in two categories in the Westpac Auckland South Business Awards 2011: Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality; and Excellence in Marketing.

The awards (formerly the Westpac Manukau Business Excellence Awards) are run by Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development Ltd (formerly Enterprising Manukau), a Council Controlled Organisation of the new Auckland Council.  They aim to recognise and celebrate excellence in South Auckland’s businesses, particularly in relation to promoting and strengthening economic development in the region.

ITC, which has campuses in Botany and central Auckland, has been a premium supplier of full-time and part-time training programmes for the airline, travel and tourism industries since 1996.

The college won the Excellence in Service Delivery and Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality awards in 2010, and the staff at ITC is thrilled to be nominated for more awards this year.

“Tourism is what we are all about,” says Managing Director Kerry Priestley. “That award recognises those who meet the needs of their customers in the industry, and that is what we aim to do by providing the best, most relevant training so that our graduates can, in turn, contribute to the industry we are all so passionate about.”

The nomination for marketing excellence is also highly relevant to ITC’s commitment to the travel and tourism industry.

“For us, marketing isn’t a stand-alone aspect of our business,” says Marketing Director Claire Huxley. “Our marketing principles run through everything we do.

“We are constantly forging new relationships and partnerships with industry leaders in the travel and tourism fields. It's not just about attracting students to the college, but about letting the industry know what great training we provide.

“The outcome is that our students are regularly given real-world work experience at events and with travel and tourism operators, which helps them to achieve their goals in their chosen field.

“And our graduates are spoken of very highly by their employers – in a sense our graduates are our strongest marketing tool, as they are proof of the quality of training they have received at ITC.”

The award winners will be announced at a gala dinner to be held on 12 August at the TelstraClear Pacific Events Centre in Manukau










ITC Gets Global

Students at the International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC) celebrated their annual Global Wednesday festival with a huge variety of food, costumes and entertainment.

ITC, which has campuses in Botany and central Auckland, has been a premium supplier of full-time and part-time training programmes for the airline, travel and tourism industries since 1996.

“Student events like Global Wednesday play an important part in the ITC experience,” says Marketing Director Claire Huxley. “Obviously, they’re a huge amount of fun, but they also get our students working together, thinking about other countries and cultures, and give them a taste of what it takes to put together an event like this.”

Each ITC class was assigned a country and had to organise costumes, food and entertainment for the big day. Countries for the 2011 Global Wednesday were India, South Africa, Japan, Jamaica, Spain, Brazil, Germany, Pacific Islands, USA, Mexico and Ireland.

Prizes were given on the day, and Campus Manager Michelle Chatfield and Academic Support Coordinator Caroline Phillips were this year’s judges. They had a hard time choosing the Best Food and Presentation award. A wide range of homemade food was presented and the Jamaican team went with a cocktail theme – presenting the students and judges with delicious non-alcoholic cocktails. South Africa was the winner on the day; not only did they have tasty food, but they had decorated the entire room with African items including a jungle safari area with huge stuffed tigers and lions. Dressed in African costumes, they played African-inspired music and danced as the judges walked through.

The Supreme Costume Award was another tough choice for the judges with Indian saris, Mexican Day of the Dead costumes and the German team decked out in red and yellow. But the Irish team, dressed in green, painted with shamrocks and accompanied by leprechauns won the prize.

The students had put a great deal of effort into the entertainment section of the day. “The teams really gave it all they had this year,” says ITC’s Recruitment Advisor Lesley Brough. “Group dances from Spain, Ireland, Mexico, South Africa and Brazil let the students show their moves, and the Jamaica class challenged the audience with a quiz, which they won an extra prize for.”

In the end, the judges couldn’t decide on a single winner and the Japan and India classes tied for the prize.
A number of spot prizes were given out with Best Costume winner Gordan Newman and Best Entertainer Ali Kutty winning Sky Tower Skywalk passes.  The Best Dancer award was tied between Moli Tuigamala and Neelam Prasad, who was so outstanding she even had a costume change during the dance!
“It was a fantastic day,” says Lesley, “and what made it so special was all the hard work that the students put in to it.  They had such a great day and are still talking about how much fun they had.” 








“A Supportive Extended Family” – ITC’s online study makes it easy

The International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC) has been a premium supplier of full-time and part-time training programmes for the airline, travel and tourism industries since 1996, and has campuses in Botany and central Auckland.

Since 2006, ITC has offered several of its courses via online and distance learning.

For mums like Kim Hooper, Susannah Eaton, Ann-Maree Nimalota and Lyn Redstall, and those with full-time jobs like Harpreet Kaur, ITC’s online study offers opportunities that would otherwise be closed to them.

Ann-Maree, who recently completed the National Certificate in Tourism (core skills) while working part time, says “I had always wanted to get into the travel and tourism industry, but found it hard as I needed to work. With a young one there was no way I could go back to classes. Then I heard about ITC’s online distance learning course and I knew it was perfect for me.  I was able to be at home with my baby and still work part time.”

Lyn says that the hardest part was actually signing the enrolment form and “committing to the unknown”. She had not studied for many years and was uncertain how she would fit it in around work and family commitments. “I did have a few concerns; however, most of these quickly disappeared after I’d completed my first assignment and passed – that was a big confidence boost.”

She says that the course structure means the work “isn’t hard to pick up where you left off if you do get interrupted, and, actually, at times it’s quite beneficial to have a break.” She was surprised by how much time she had available.

Susannah agrees: “I sure did have some hectic moments juggling motherhood with student life, but once I started a routine and stuck to it I had loads more time than I thought.”

Ann-Maree found that the course structure allowed her to plan ahead to ensure her success: “I found there were times when I struggled, for example, when I got sick or my baby got sick, and over the busy Christmas and New year. Being a little ahead of the course schedule meant that if I was caught in a situation where I struggled to find the time to study I was never behind, and for me being up to date helped me to keep on going and really take the time to learn.”

Kim is a single mother with two children, and it is keeping her eye on the end goal that keeps her motivated. “My future goal to be a customs officer or a check in agent is my motivation to keep me going and not to give up. I get a lot of support and encouragement from my tutor Carla as well as my classmates.”

The others all agree that the support they have received from ITC’s staff and fellow students have been critical to their enjoyment and success.

“Over the past 40 weeks I have had close contact with fellow distance learning classmates and tutors through online forums and workshops,” says Ann-Maree. “This has been very fun and helpful, asking and answering questions that we were unsure about, also sharing our thoughts and experiences with each other.”

“I cannot forget the fantastic staff at ITC,” says Susannah. “They are such an organised and friendly bunch of people. I felt so comfortable asking them questions whether it was via email or telephone.”

Harpreet goes so far as to say that ITC’s tutors “are the best tutors in the world”!  “They will never put you down, even if you make a mistake,” says Harpreet. “They keep you motivated.  The online system, study resources, and help from tutors are just brilliant.”

Like Susannah, Lyn has found that organising her family life and routine are crucial to success: “I now look forward to logging on to ITC Online as part of my daily routine to see if there are messages to be read and answered – it’s like I have a supportive extended family!”

All five students are looking forward to achieving their goals and working in their chosen travel and tourism fields.

“Starting here is the beginning of my future career in travel and I'm so excited,” says Kim..












Kia Ora from ITC students @ International Student Welcome!

ITC students played a key role in giving a real Kiwi welcome to over 1600 international students at the Auckland International Student Welcome. The annual event hosted by Study Auckland attracted students of all ages from across the Auckland region.

Working at events such as this allows students to gain valuable industry experience while they study, says ITC City Campus Manager, Michelle Chatfield: “It’s a win/win situation!”

This year, nine ITC students worked behind the scenes at the Auckland Town Hall looking after the performing groups; VIPs including The Mayor - Len Brown,  student speakers; industry sponsors and the MC. “They also helped the international students feel welcome, handed out goodie bags and did whatever they could to make the day the huge success that it was,” says Michelle Chatfield.

Mayor, Len Brown welcomed students and applauded them for choosing Auckland as their study destination.  “I’m proud of what our region has to offer – both excellent quality of education and the superior lifestyle.  I encourage you to embrace life in Auckland, explore the region and make the most of your time here,” he said.

The ITC students loved the experience: “The day was awesome; I had so much fun and it was great to be involved in such a huge event.  Speaking to the students and helping them on the day, welcoming the industry VIP’s and working behind the scenes was so much fun– this is why I want to work in tourism!’ said

Manager of Study Auckland, Debbie Chambers, was grateful for the students’ work: “Your students did an amazing job!  We were very impressed by your student’s enthusiasm and professionalism towards this event.  They coped well with the pressure of the busiest times of the day and distributed information and handled all tasks with confidence.  We look forward to working with you and the ITC students at next year’s Auckland International Student welcome!”

Another great work experience for ITC students – we look forward to doing it again next year!








ITC in Top Ten

The International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC) has been named a 2011 Asia Pacific Top 10 Authorized Training Center by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

IATA is an international trade body that represents some 230 airlines comprising 93% of scheduled international air traffic.

ITC is an IATA Authorized Training Centers (ATCs), which allows it to teach the IATA Travel and Tourism and Aviation training programmes

“We’ve always been proud to be associated with IATA,” says ITC’s Director Kerry Priestley. “This award makes us especially proud because it is for an ‘outstanding contribution’ in ‘developing the human capital for tomorrow’s air transport industry’. And that’s what we strive for in everything we do. ”

ITC has been a premium supplier of full-time and part-time training programmes for the airline, travel and tourism industries since 1996, and has campuses in Botany and central Auckland.

“Our strength has always been our people,” says Kerry. “Our graduates constantly make us proud and we get fantastic feedback from their employers. Our staff works hard to provide our students with real-world training, so that they can get straight into their careers and become immediate assets to the industry.”

And special mention must be made of Steve Burke , says Kerry, who for the past five years has been ITC’s Senior Travel tutor. “Much of the success of this programme is down to his commitment to the college and our students.”

This award adds to ITC’s growing list of achievements. Last year alone the college opened its second Airport Training Centre, won the ATTO Tourism Education and Training category in the 2010 Tourism Industry Awards, and also won the Excellence in Service Delivery and Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality categories at the prestigious Westpac Manukau Business Excellence Awards in 2010.

“2010 was a big year for us,” says Kerry. “This award from the IATA reaffirms what we’re here for, and we have plenty of exciting plans for 2011!”


 Steve is a very experienced tutor at ITC

ITC focuses on student achievement

ITC Students do lots of role plays

ITC House


Getting off to a great start!

JUCY Rentals is one of Australasia's fastest growing independent car rental companies. The International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC) has been working with JUCY to place students in part-time work while they study.

Established in 2001 by brothers Tim and Dan Alpe, JUCY Rentals operates over 2000 late-model vehicles throughout New Zealand and Australia and has just opened its first JUCY Hotel in Auckland.

As market leaders in the New Zealand car rental industry, JUCY’s vehicles range from cheap and cheerful runabouts suitable for backpackers and budget customers, to luxury full-size sedans, with a few soccer-team-movers thrown in for good measure.

Working with ITC, a premium supplier of full-time and part-time training programmes for the airline, travel and tourism industries for over 14 years, to give student’s real-world experience has made things much easier as an employer, says JUCY’s Maree Street. “We know that the quality of their candidates is always of a high standard, so half our interview work is done for us.”

Two recent student placements, Daniel and Zoey, have proven the value of the connection for both JUCY and ITC’s students.

“Dan was a perfect fit for JUCY,” says Maree. “As soon as I met him, he came across with a very genuine, bubbly, laid back personality: I knew he would slot right in at JUCY! We attribute our success to the calibre of the people we employ, and we’re always on the lookout for young, enthusiastic people like Dan to ensure that all our customers get that JUCY experience!”

“Zoey came across as very confident in her interview: she was bubbly, friendly and approachable, and this is what JUCY is looking for in a great customer service rep who will be dealing with a range of customers from all over the world. For JUCY, having Zoey on board means our customers are going to be starting their journey on the right note!”

“We are really proud of both these students,” says ITC’s Sales Executive Ceri Jenkins. “They’ve worked hard to incorporate everything they are learning at ITC about being successful in their chosen field. We value our industry connections, and it is initiatives like this that prove that we are getting it right for the college, its students, and New Zealand’s travel and tourism businesses.”



Daniel (right) enjoys working at JUCY



Zoe serving a customer at JUCY



ITC students now working at Jucy car rentals




Innovation Key to ITC’s Success

Attendees from International Travel College were thrilled to hear ITC’s name announced as the winner in the ATTO Tourism Education and Training category in the 2010 Tourism Industry Awards.

The theme for this year’s awards was Innovating for Success.

“That certainly describes us!” says ITC’s Director Karen Houston. “In the past two years we’ve launched our Certificate in Aviation, introduced the CODECO online check-in system as part of our training, and opened our amazing new Airport Training Centre.”

ITC’s Airport Training Centre is one of the many contributing factors to ITC’s success. A simulation of a real-world airport, it contains check-in desks, a customs and gate lounge, and a plane to assist with training students in in-flight service. The centre, which is situated at ITC’s Botany campus has been so successful, the college is opening another one in November at its city campus.

“From day one we want our students to be prepared for the exciting careers they have ahead of them,” says Karen.  “In addition to their training at the college, we have built great connections with industry that allow us to provide our students with on-site work experience at businesses and events around the country.”

ITC has also recently launched its Study Awards, offering a scholarship fund of over $22,000 for more than 30 students. Applicants are asked to create a promotional brochure for an Auckland-based activity and innovation plays a big part in who will be successful.

“Our success is about all of us,” says Karen. “It’s about the staff and the students all working together to keep improving this industry we are all so passionate about.  We’d like to say a huge thank you to the Tourism Industry Association for giving us this chance to showcase what we are all about.”

ITC has been a premium supplier of full-time and part-time training programmes for the airline, travel and tourism industries for over 14 years. ITC Botany has been based in the Botany shopping mall since 2005, and is now training over 300 students from Manukau and the surrounding area.






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